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Series Creator Greg Weisman explains how the Slave Labor Graphics Gargoyles comics fit into the Gargoyles mythology.

Our series picks up right after the end of the second season, basically ignoring the third season [Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles, which is not considered canon since Weisman was not involved in its production, like the Marvel Comics Gargoyles comic title from the 1990s], but I tell a story that I think allows a new reader to get to know these characters, their histories and for hardcore fans, the history stuff will be old news. It'll still be fun and exciting, but they'll know about the pasts of these characters. I think for them, the book will really start picking up when we really press forward with all the new ideas and new directions.

But for a newcomer, someone who hasn't seen the show before, I'd like to think that the first two issues act as a primer. Hopefully they'll be an engaging, entertaining primer - it's not a textbook, it's an adventure story. I think it does get the old information across in a new way for everyone. I don't know but I hope there is some synergy going on too, so people can go to the "Gargoyles" convention, buy the DVDs, watch the reruns, and buy the comic book. I think all of these things play well together and hopefully we start a kind of mini "Gargoyles"-renaissance here. So hopefully the comic book reader wants to catch up on past stories and can go get them all on DVD.

Our second season ended with a three episode story called "Hunter's Moon," and at the end, the clocktower, where the gargoyles lived, was blown up. They were, for the first time, definitively caught on videotape and that tape was distributed across the city, possibly the world, so now the gargoyles' existence is known. Till that point, we'd played with the idea that the gargoyles never made a huge attempt to hide themselves, but they also never held a press conference, so they were like an urban myth around New York. Not anymore. The gargoyles then moved into the Eyrie building, which is Xanatos' headquarters with the castle on top, and Xanatos and Goliath, in essence, declare a truce. At the end of the episode, Elisa, for the first time, kisses Goliath, so you've got them about to take a new step in their relationship as well.

Elisa, for those who don't know, is the human detective who befriended the gargoyles in their pilot story, and she and Goliath have had this attraction growing since the beginning of the series. It took them 65 episodes to get to their first kiss, but there we are, that's where we're picking up. They're living with Xanatos, but don't really trust him. The world knows the gargoyles exist, but don't know what they are or who they are.

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