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In 1991, Writer/Producer Greg Weisman and his production team at Walt Disney Television Animation began to create and develop a new animated series for The Disney Afternoon. It took close to two years, but eventually they successfully convinced upper management to give the green Gargoyles. For Disney, this was a daring experiment. A hard-hitting animated drama with influences ranging from The Gummi Bears to Hill Street Blues to the complete works of William Shakespeare. There was continuity and a large ensemble of characters featuring heroes, complex three-dimensional villains and everything in between. There was be comedy. There was be tragedy. There was romance and heartbreak. And, of course, there was lots and lots of action.

Gargoyles Series Creator Weisman and his creative team made sure that this show would truly appeal to everyone of all ages, allowing the show to operate on multiple levels. This provided Gargoyles with it's unique tone and was one of the many reasons for it's loyal fanbase.

Gargoyles premiered in the fall of 1994, and over the next two seasons, 65 episodes in total were produced, weaving a tapestry of stories into a larger whole. The second season ended in 1996 with the three-part "Hunter's Moon."

The show then moved from the syndicated weekday The Disney Afternoon to ABC's One Saturday Morning block in the form of Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles for its third season. Series creator Greg Weisman left Disney to pursue other projects, but wrote and story-edited the first episode of the series before a new creative team took over. According to Weisman, only the first episode of the third season is considered canon with the Gargoyles mythos since it was the only episode he was actively involved in. Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles ran for thirteen episodes before coming to an end in 1997. While the Gargoyles characters still appear in other forms of media, particularly comic books, this effectively brought the animated tales of the Gargoyles to an end for the time being.

The show remains actively available to view around the world.

Further details on the series production can be found by viewing the series bible, available here.

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