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Episode Guide
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Note: This Episode Guide is arranged via production order.
For airdate order, refer to the Episode Reviews arrangement.

Episode #01 (385-551) - Shock to the System
Original Airdate - September 23rd, 2000 - Series Premiere

Fifteen year-old Virgil Hawkins, harassed at school by a dangerous bully, is transformed by a powerful gas mutagen into a master of electromagnetic energy, and decides to use his powers for good as a superhero.

Episode #02 (385-552) - Aftershock
Original Airdate - September 30th, 2000

Static learns that the person responsible for the Big Bang is Edwin Alva, the cityís philanthropic billionaire businessman, but his efforts to gain evidence are hampered by Hotstreak, the bully from the pilot, himself transformed by the gas mutagen.

Episode #03 (385-553) - The Breed
Original Airdate - October 7th, 2000

Virgilís friend Derek, a track athlete, is transformed into an ionic energy being recruited by Ebon, the malevolent leader of the Meta-Breed, and itís up to Static to convince his friend to resist joining the group before itís too late.

Episode #04 (385-554) - Grounded
Original Airdate - October 14th, 2000

Static encounters a giant, Big Bang-created worm-like organism, which somehow worms its way inside Virgilís school after hours, endangering many students, including Richie and Frieda, whoís writing an editorial protesting the schoolís budget cuts.

Episode #05 (385-555) - They're Playing My Song
Original Airdate - November 11th, 2000

Rubberband Man, an angry young teen with the power to stretch his body into any shape, seeks revenge on the corrupt record producer who cheated him out of profits for a hit song. Static gets involved when the producer has sinister plans of his own to eliminate Rubberband Man.

Episode #06 (385-556) - The New Kid
Original Airdate - November 18th, 2000

Science whiz Virgil is sent to a school for gifted students funded by billionaire Alva, where he works on a fantastic robotics project, not realizing that the robot is a sentry specifically designed to locate Ė and destroy Ė Static.
Episode #07 (385-557) - Child's Play
Original Airdate - December 2nd, 2000

Eight year-old Dwayne McCall, with the power to make anything his young mind can imagine, is being manipulated by his evil older brother Aron to use said powers for his own gain. Static must prove to Dwayne that Aron doesn't have his best interests at heart.

Episode #08 (385-558) - Sons of the Father
Original Airdate - December 9th, 2000

Virgil pressures a reluctant Richie to invite him to a sleepover, only to learn that Richie's father is a stubborn bigot. An embarrassed Richie runs away and is abducted by Static's arch-enemy Ebon. Virgil's father Robert and Richie's dad must set aside their differences and team up to find Richie before any harm befalls him.

Episode #09 (385-559) - Junior
Original Airdate - February 10th, 2001

Edwin Alva's son, angered that his father pays no attention to him, applies his vast scientific knowledge to manipulate the properties of the Big Bang gas, turn himself into a multi-powered being bent on destroying Alva's business interests. At the same time, Virgil and Robert are at odds over what appears to be Virgil's increasing irresponsibility.

Episode #10 (385-560) - Winds of Change
Original Airdate - December 16th, 2000

Richie's resentment of Virgil's blossoming friendship with Daisy, and Virgil's annoyance at Richie's over-management of Static's activities, causes their friendship to strain. At the same time, Static must contend with Slipstream, who controls winds. When Slipstream gets the upper hand on Static, it's Richie to the rescue.

Episode #11 (385-561) - Bent Out of Shape
Original Airdate - January 27th, 2001

Sharon's new boyfriend, a musician, is revealed to be Static's old nemesis Rubberband Man, who recently escaped from prison. This time, Rubberband Man will stop at nothing to reveal Static's secret identity, and with Sharon hiding him right under Virgil's nose at home, the odds are stacked against our hero, big time.

Episode #12 (385-562) - Replay
Original Airdate - March 3rd, 2001

Static's latest villain is Replay, who is able to create energy clones of himself. During battle, Sharon gets suspicious that Virgil and Static are one and the same and is determined to prove her theory correct. If things aren't bad enough for our hero, he comes into freak contact with Replay, which results into an "evil" clone of Static!

Episode #13 (385-563) - Tantrum
Original Airdate - May 12th, 2001 - First Season Finale

Everything happening to Virgil lately reminds him of how much he misses his deceased mother Jean. Virgil must deal with his feelings of loss even as he tangles with Tantrum, a repressed student whose irrational outbursts of anger turn him into a massive being of brute force out to destroy everything in his path.

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