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Series Creator Dwayne McDuffie Interview
Phil LaMarr, voice of Static

Archived Interviews
Director Talks 'Static Shock' Batman Episode - 12-05-2001
Burnett Talks Static Shock's "Batman" - 12-11-2001
McDuffie On Static Shock: "I still can't believe they let us do." - 01-12-2002
Interview with Static Shock "The Big Leagues" Director Dave Chlystek - 01-14-2002
Len Uhley Talks Static Shock, "The Big Leagues" - 01-25-2002
Director Commentary For "The Big Leagues" - 01-26-2002
Chris Simmons Talks 'Static'! - 02-16-2002
Len Uhley Talks Static Shock, "Frozen Out" - 02-19-2002
Director Dave Chlystek Talks "Frozen Out" and More Static! - 02-20-2002
Static Shock Crew Talks "Duped" & "Jimmy" - 04-19-2002
Simmons Talks Static Shock's "Duped" and "Jimmy" - 04-22-2002
Alan Burnett Discusses Static Shock's Third Season! - 06-18-2002
John Semper Talks Static Shock - 08-02-2002
Batman and Justice League on Static Shock! - 08-05-2002
'Static' Director Talks About Annies Nomination - 01-14-2003
Burnett Reveals Static's Shocking Plans - 01-20-2003
New 'Static' Story Editor Speaks - 01-22-2003
McDuffie Stretching the Boundaries of 'Static Shock' - 01-24-2003
Uhley on Static Shock's "She-Bang" - 02-13-2003
Uhley on Static's Usual Suspect - 02-20-2003
McDuffie Talks About Static/Justice League Episodes - 02-26-2003
Semper on Static/Superman in "Toys In The Hood" - 05-01-2003

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