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The World's Finest Presents

Episode Reviews

Season 1
The Last Son of Krypton Pt. 1
The Last Son of Krypton Pt. 2
The Last Son of Krypton Pt. 3
Fun and Games
A Little Piece of Home
Feeding Time
The Way of all Flesh
Stolen Memories
The Main Man Part 1
The Main Man Part 2
My Girl
Tools of the Trade
Two's A Crowd

Season 2
Blast from the Past Pt. 1
Blast from the Past Pt. 2
The Prometheon
Speed Demons
Identity Crisis
Action Figures
Double Dose
Solar Power
Brave New Metropolis
Monkey Fun
Ghost In The Machine
Father's Day
World's Finest Pt. 1
World's Finest Pt. 2
World's Finest Pt. 3
Hand of Fate
Bizarro's World
The Late Mr. Kent
Heavy Metal
Warrior Queen
Apokolips...Now! Pt. 1
Apokolips...Now! Pt. 2
Little Girl Lost Part 1
Little Girl Lost Part 2
Season 3
Where There's Smoke
Knight Time
New Kids In Town
Little Big Head Man
Absolute Power
In Brightest Day
Superman's Pal
A Fish Story

Season 4
The Demon Reborn
Legacy Pt. 1
Legacy Pt. 2

Supergirl in Batman

Girls Nite Out

Superman in Static Shock
Toys in the Hood

Direct to Video
Brainiac Attacks*
*Not in Continuity!

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