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Bios - The Flash

Voiced By: Charlie Schlatter
First Appearance: "Speed Demons"
Position: Ally to Superman

Bio: Wally West is the the Scarlet Speedster from Central City, "The Flash". Unlike Superman, who is all business, The Flash is a wise cracking, glory hound. His is driven by his HUGE ego and his big mouth. The Flash comes to Metropolis to compete in a race around the world against Superman for charity. During of the competition, The Flash's arch nemesis from Central City, The Weather Wizard, uses his devices of destruction to threaten Metropolis and put the race on hold. It forces Superman and The Flash to work together to defeat the Weather Wizard. In the process of their team work, Superman gains respect for The Flash, and they continue their race to see who's the fastest hero on earth. The Flash would also join Superman in the JUSTICE LEAGUE, to help keep the world safe.

Check out The Flash in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

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