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Bios - Wally West/The Flash

Voiced By: Michael Rosenbaum
First Appearance: "Secret Origins"
Position: Justice League Member

Bio: Young, brash and impulsive, Wally West gained the power of super-speed during a freak electro-chemical accident. Now the fastest man alive, he can run at velocities approaching the speed of light. Even Superman has a hard time keeping up with him. Because of his super-fast metabolism, Wally is constantly hungry.

Also blessed with a quick wit, Wally takes a light-hearted view of saving the universe. He is the comedian of the group, a wise-cracking, easy going slacker who relies on speed, not brains, to get him out of trouble. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work, and his flippant attitude annoys his teammates who take their jobs far more seriously. Often, this over-reliance on speed will get him in over his head, and his teammates will have to catch up to rescue him. For them, there is one thing the Flash cannot do fast enough - grow up.

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