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Two's A Crowd

Episode #13 - Two's A Crowd
Original Airdate - February 15th, 1997. - First Season Finale (End of Superman: The Animated Series)

When embittered scientist Earl Garver goes into a coma before revealing the location of a ticking bomb, Superman risks enlisting the Parasite to drain the information from Garver's mind.

Media by Amazing Spidey, Bird Boy
Review by Bird Boy
Written by Stan Berkowitz
Directed by Hiroyuki Aoyama
Music by Michael McCuistion
Animation Services provided by TMS-Kyokuichi Corporation

Tim Daly as Superman/Clark Kent
Brion James as Parasite/Rudy Jones
Victor Brandt as Professor Hamilton
Joanna Cassidy as Maggie Sawyer
Joseph Bologna as Dan Turpin
Brian Cox as Dr. Earl Garver
Rosalyn Sidewater as Doctor

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Earl Garver has made a bomb, and planted it somewhere in Metropolis--and he's not telling where unless he gets over a million dollars in cash. Superman can't just search for the bomb, as it's encased in lead, the only substance he can't see through. Superman takes the risk of allowing the Parasite to "hook up" with Earl to get the information out of his brain, in exchange for cable TV in his cell at the jail. As odd as the deal is, they agree and they wheel Parasite, all strapped down, one hand in a cup-like device, the other strapped down by a heavy belt.

After he attempts to hook up with Earl, Earl gets inside his head first, removing him from his body and into Parasites mind. Earl begins to speak, saying he won't reveal where the bomb is unless he gets the money. After a false hunt and delivering the money to the destination where the bomb is located, Superman punches in the command given to him, deactivating the bomb with few minutes to spare. Parasite then takes this moment to rise out of the ground, grab a-hold of Superman and drain him of his powers. After another brilliantly animated fight scene (although at moments it was almost too jumpy), and the re-activating of the bomb by Earl, the bomb explodes in the dark, bottomless chasm which Parasite and Superman fell. Superman is able to get out before the bomb goes off, with Parasite being blown out. After all is said and done, Parasite gets his Cable and Rudy is locked up.

Overall, a pretty good episode, seems more of a "filler" episode more than any other, it was still enjoyable.

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