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Episode #001 (385-531) - The Accomplice
Original Airdate - January 7th, 2001 - Series Premiere

Zeta and Ro meet, and save each other’s lives. Together they set out to find the scientists who created Zeta, in the hopes they can prove Zeta is peaceful.

Episode #002 (385-532) - His Maker's Name
Original Airdate - February 3rd, 2001

Zeta and Ro travel to meet Dr. Arroyo, one of the scientists who helped build him. But Agent Bennet gets to Arroyo first, and uses him to lure Zeta into an ambush.

Episode #003 (385-533) - Change of Heart
Original Airdate - February 17th, 2001

Zee and Ro visit a science museum where Dr. Selig, Zeta's creator, is scheduled to speak. While the pair hide from guards amid a tour group, a little girl gets trapped inside a fusion reactor. Zeta must reveal his identity in order to save the girl.

Episode #004 (385-534) - Remote Control
Original Airdate - February 10th, 2001

An eleven year old science whiz named Bucky uses a transmitter to take control of Zeta, and it’s up to Ro to outsmart him into letting Zeta go.

Episode #005 (385-535) - The Next Gen
Original Airdate - February 24th, 2001

When Zee intercepts a transmission intended for “IU7,” another infiltration unit, he and Ro go to a Caribbean Island to stop the synthoid from killing its target. Their plan is complicated when Bucky shows up, eager to keep IU7 for himself.

Episode #006 (385-536) - Westbound
Original Airdate - March 10th, 2001

Zee and Ro find themselves trapped on a high-speed hover-train, whose powerful transformers interfere with Zee’s morphing abilities. And to make matters worse, they’re stuck on the train with Agent West.

Episode #007 (385-537) - Hicksburg
Original Airdate - March 31st, 2001

Zee and Ro visit a logging town where Ro lived with a foster family, in search of information about Ro’s birth parents. But when Zee makes the poor choice of posing as a famous vid-star, he attracts unwanted attention to the fugitive pair.

Episode #008 (385-538) - Shadows
Original Airdate - April 7th, 2001

After IU7 attacks Zeta in a shopping mall, Batman gets his hands on damaged vid-footage, and mistakenly believes Zeta has reverted to killing. Feeling responsible for letting Zeta run free, Batman sets out to hunt down his former friend.

Episode #009 (385-539) - Crime Waves
Original Airdate - April 14th, 2001

When Wade, a spoiled Malibu rich kid, is kidnapped, Zee and Ro discover that they are the prime suspects. The pair must take on the role of detective, in order to uncover the real culprit and save the day.

Originally titled "The Beach."

Episode #010 (385-540) - Taffy Time
Original Airdate - May 5th, 2001

A bounty hunter named Krick traps Zee in a candy factory, eager to bring him in for the reward. When Agent Lee gets caught in the middle, she becomes Krick’s bait to force Zeta to submit.

Episode #011 (385-541) - Ro's Reunion
Original Airdate - Nov. 24, 2001 (Canada, YTV); Never Aired in US

Ro is offered the chance to go on a reunion-style talk show, but knows that doing so will expose her location to Bennet. She is forced to choose between staying with Zee and finding her brother.

Episode #012 (385-542) - Kid Genius
Original Airdate - August 11th, 2001 - First Season Finale (US)

Bucky enlists Zee and Ro’s help to rescue his parents from Dr. Tannor. They discover Tannor’s age-reversing spa, where Bucky’s parents have been turned into helpless 6 year olds.

Episode #013 (385-543) - Absolute Zero
Original Airdate - December 5th, 2001 (Canada, YTV); March 23rd, 2002 (US, Kids WB!) - First Season Finale (Canada); Second Season Premiere (US)

Zee and Ro track Dr. Selig to a cryonics lab, but their own intrusion causes an accident which leaves Selig cryonically frozen. Zee must keep Selig alive long enough for help to arrive.

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