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The World's Finest Presents

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Episode #014 (385-621) - Wired, Part 1
Original Airdate - March 30th, 2002

Zee and Ro encounter a gang of tech-savvy teens, who have followed them on the net and want to help. At first Zee and Ro trust them, but then realize too late that itís a trap, and all these kids want is to strip Zeta for parts.

Episode #015 (385-622) - Wired, Part 2
Original Airdate - April 6th, 2002

Zeta is captured by Agent Bennet and wired to a supercomputer in the NSA labs for reprogramming. Itís up to Ro to sneak in and save her friend.

Episode #016 (385-623) - Hunt in the Hub
Original Airdate - April 20th, 2002

Zee and Ro travel to the Hub, the countryís central transit nexus, to meet Dr. Boyle (a scientist who worked on the Zeta Project). But instead of helping the duo, Boyle disables Zeeís cred-card, forcing them to steal items for his research from around the Hub.

Episode #017 (385-624) - Ro's Gift
Original Airdate - April 27th, 2002

A mysterious group with strange psychic powers kidnaps Ro, believing she is able to communicate with machines. Itís up to Zee to rescue her and save the town from utter destruction.

Episode #018 (385-625) - Quality Time
Original Airdate - July 13th, 2002

When both Zee and Bennet follow a lead on Selig to a man-made coral reef, Ro finds herself on a submarine ride with Bennetís son, James. An accident on the sub strands Ro and James at the bottom of the reef, and Bennet and Zeta must work together to save them.

Episode #019 (385-626) - Resume Mission
Original Airdate - April 13th, 2002

When a computer-nut kid named Jason unwittingly plugs IU7's salvaged CPU chip into his home computer, IU7 begins to rebuild himself in the boy's bedroom. Zee and Ro have to stop IU7 before it harms the kid -- and them.

Originally titled "Finders Keepers."

Episode #020 (385-627) - Lost and Found
Original Airdate - May 11th, 2002

While on the run from Krick, Zeta malfunctions and drops into unconsciousness. Ro hides the immobile Zeta and calls Bucky for help, while Zeta flashes back in his mind to the mission when he decided to be peaceful.

Episode #021 (385-628) - On the Wire
Original Airdate - July 20th, 2002

Zee and Ro find Ro's brother, Casey, who's working as a reporter for a vid-news station. When Casey's boss pressures him to turn our heroes in for the exclusive story, Casey has to weigh family loyalty against career advancement.

Episode #022 (385-629) - Cabin Pressure
Original Airdate - July 22nd, 2002

Agent Bennet discovers and arrests Bucky, the mysterious ally who's been helping Zee and Ro all along. Bucky sends out a distress call to our heroes, and the pair sneak onto Bennet's heavily-guarded supersonic transport to rescue him.

Episode #023 (385-630) - The Wrong Morph
Original Airdate - April 20th, 2002 (Canada, YTV); Never Aired in US

When Zee morphs into Kevin, a wheelchair-bound teen, he accidentally implicates the boy in the commission of a crime. Zee and Ro struggle to clear Kevin's name, without exposing Zee's own identity.

Episode #024 (385-631) - Eye of the Storm
Original Airdate - May 18th, 2002

Zee and Ro hitch a ride through tornado country with Dex and Carl, a pair of tornado-fighting brothers. But when Dex (the hotshot pilot of the pair) steals all the credit from Carl (the brains of the outfit), Carl tries to prove himself by flying their twister-busting pod into a too-huge tornado. Carl's only hope, Zeta has to reveal his identity and travel into the tornado to save the young man.

Episode #025 (385-632) - The River Rising
Original Airdate - August 3rd, 2002

Zee and Ro find temporary asylum from Bennet, among a clan of technology-fearing people called the Noteks. But while Bennet works on getting a warrant to enter their land, the Noteks discover that Zee is a synthoid -- and try to destroy him.

Episode #026 (385-633) - The Hologram Man
Original Airdate - August 10th, 2002

Zee and Ro finally track down Dr. Selig, only to find him being forced to work with Brother's Day, a terrorist organization Zee's infiltrated in the past. Shocked, Zee and Ro intervene, only to discover that it isn't Dr. Selig -- but is instead a man using a portable holo-emitter to look like Selig. They vow to help this man escape the terrorists -- especially when Zee realizes it may lead them to the real Selig after all.

Crossovers - Batman Beyond

Episode #28 - Zeta
Original Airdate - April 8th, 2000

Batman joins forces with the military to recover robotic assassin, until he discovers that the robot has escaped the government clutches because it no longer wants to kill. Batman then teams to robot to try and fend off the military.

Episode #52 - Countdown
Original Airdate - April 7th, 2001

Zeta returns to Gotham City to look for his creator, but falls into the clutches of Mad Stan, who turns him into a walking time-bomb. Batman must track Zeta down before time runs out.

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