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Here you will find Episode Reviews for the Gotham Girls episodes. Each review is short, includes pictures from the episode, and a list of the characters that are featured in it. Reviews by The Flash, Jim Harvey, Jedigreedo; Screengrabs by Bird Boy.

Season One
The Vault
Lap Bat
Trick or Trick
A Little Night Magic
More Then One Way
Precious Birthstones
Pave Paradise
The Three Babes
Gardener's Apprentice
Season Two
Hold That Tiger
Miss Un-Congeniality
Baby Boom
Cat -n- Mouse -n- Cat...
Bat'ing Cleanup
Cat Sitter
Gotham Noir
Scout's Dishonor
I'm Badgirl
Season Three
Ms.-ing In Action
Gotham In Pink
Hear Me Roar
Gotham In Blue
A Cat In The Hand
Jailhouse Wreck
Honor Among Thieves
No, I'm Batgirl!
Signal Fires
Cold Hands, Cold Heart
Birds of Prey - Complete Series

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