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Webisode #1 - The Vault
Original Airdate - July 27th, 2000 - First Season Premiere.

Poison Ivy attempts to crack a safe, but her concentration is broken because of Harley Quinn's annoyance.

Webisode #2 - Lap Bat
Original Airdate - August 10th, 2000

Batgirl attempts to recover a statue stolen by Catwoman, rumored to hold mystical powers.

Webisode #3 - Trick or Trick
Original Airdate - August 24th, 2000

After Harley Quinn receives a present from Poison Ivy, Harley sets out to get her one in return.

Webisode #4 - A Little Night Magic
Original Airdate - September 7th, 2000

Zatanna decides to use some of her magical powers while on a walk at night.

Webisode #5 - More Than One Way
Original Airdate - October 5th, 2000

When Harley Girl, Poison Ivy and Catwoman all go hunting for the same Belgian miniature - a true catfight breaks out.

Webisode #6 - Precious Birthstones
Original Airdate - September 14, 2000

Catwoman decides to steal a necklace worth one million dollars on her birthday.

Webisode #7 - Pave Paradise
Original Airdate - October 19th, 2000

Poison Ivy takes her revenge out on the mayor when he plans to pave over paradise and put up a parking lot.

Webisode #8 -The Three Babes
Original Airdate - November 16th, 2000

While in prison Harley wants Ivy to tell her a fairy tale and Poison tells her the story of Batgirl and the three babes.

Webisode #9 - Gardener's Apprentice
Original Airdate - November 30th, 2000

When Poison Ivy goes out of town, Harley has a rough time looking after her plants.

Webisode #10 - Lady X
Original Airdate - December 14th, 2000 - First Season Finale.

Batgirl, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy team up to stop the crime spree of the mysterious Lady X.

Webisode #11 - Hold That Tiger
Original Airdate - June 5th, 2001 - Second Season Premiere.

Catwoman and Zatanna join forces to save a Tiger.

Webisode #12 - Miss Un-Congeniality
Original Airdate - June 19th, 2001

Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and a mysterious fourth contest compete in a 'Miss Criminal Mastermind' showcase.

Webisode #13 -Strategery
Original Airdate - July 3rd, 2001

After losing to Batgirl once again, Poison Ivy decides to teach Harley Quinn about proper strategy.

Webisode #14 - Baby Boom
Original Airdate - July 17th, 2001

While on a museum heist, Harley Quinn is accidentally transformed into a baby via Poison Ivy's special plant toxins.

Webisode #15 - Cat -n- Mouse -n- Cat -n- Mouse -n-
Original Airdate - July 31st, 2001

One night during a robbery, Catwoman runs into another thief who matches her in every way.

Webisode #16 -Bat'ing Cleanup
Original Airdate - August 14th, 2001

While talking to her father on the phone, Batgirl recalls her night of crime fighting.

Webisode #17 - Cat Sitter
Original Airdate - August 28, 2001

Looking for something new to do, Harley Quinn offers to babysit one of Catwoman's baby tigers.

Webisode #18 - Gotham Noir
Original Airdate - September 11th, 2001

Harley Quinn is a private investigator who attempts to solve a missing persons crime, with a unique twist.

Webisode #19 - Scout's Dishonor
Original Airdate - September 25, 2001

After seeing how a group of girl guides can make a profit, Harley Quinn decide's to open her own version..

Webisode #20 - I'm Badgirl
Original Airdate - October 9th, 2001 - Second Season Finale.

After being doused with some of Poison Ivy's special toxin, Batgirl turns to a life of crime.

Webisode #21 - Ms.-ing In Action
Original Airdate - July 16th, 2002 - Third Season Premiere.

Catwoman is on the run, and Batgirl is right behind her. It's chase, run, jump through the rooftops and streets of Gotham until, finally, Batgirl commandeers a Taxi and orders the driver to catch Catwoman. Suddenly the Taxi skids out of control! The Taxi Driver vanishes into thin air, along with every single Man and boy in Gotham City!

Webisode #22 - Gotham In Pink
Original Airdate - July 30th, 2002

Gotham City launches an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of the Male Population. But it's a vicious catfight as the acting female Heads of State argue for political power. The female Commissioner appears to have the crime situation under control until Harley and Ivy decide to finish what Catwoman started and break in to the Police Dangerous Evidence Vault.

Webisode #23 - Hear Me Roar
Original Airdate - August 13th, 2002

Batgirl surprises Harley and Ivy as they ransack the Dangerous Evidence Vault. Harley & Ivy serve up explosive surprises from the buffet table of supervillian technology stored, but Batgirl is holding her own against until her efforts are undermined by interference from the overzealous female Commissioner, letting Harley & Ivy escape. The Commissioner blames Batgirl for the escape and declaring her persona-non-grata to all Police Personnel.

Webisode #24 - Gotham In Blue
Original Airdate - August 27th, 2002

Batgirl surprises Catwoman rifling through a computer belonging to a Detective Reesdale - a woman who disappeared at the same time as the men. Working together they discover the missing Detective's secret which may help explain the disappearance. But when they find out the device has been stolen by Harley & Ivy during their raid of the police vault, everything is thrown into jeopardy!

Webisode #25 - A Cat In The Hand
Original Airdate - September 10th, 2002

Harley and Ivy escape, but Catwoman is arrested and blamed for the three day disappearance of the men of Gotham. Batgirl - as Barbara - tries to convince her father of Catwoman's innocence, but he is unyielding. Harley and Ivy - trying to help the captured Catwoman - are themselves arrested. Batgirl is alarmed by the ferociousness of the Police and disturbed by her father's apparent sanctioning of this new brutality.

Webisode #26 - Jailhouse Wreck
Original Airdate - September 24th, 2002

Batgirl pays a visit to Commissioner Gordon to express her concern over his new "Get Tough On Costumed Villains" policy. She suspects that he is experiencing some kind of post-traumatic shock because of the three days he and the men spent lost in suspended animation. Unable to persuade the Commissioner of the danger Harley, Ivy and Catwoman are in, Batgirl takes the unprecedented move of breaking them out of prison. They are safe, but Batgirl has been declared "Public Enemy Number One."

Webisode #27 - Honor Among Thieves
Original Airdate - October 8th, 2002

Despite the Commissioner's "Get Tough" policy, Harley, Ivy and Catwoman still have to make a living. Carefully they go about their business: The business of crime! But one by one, despite their care, they are captured by a mysterious stranger. The stranger reveals himself at the last moment. It's Batgirl, come to exact payment on a promise the ladies made her.

Webisode #28 - No, I'm Batgirl!
Original Airdate - October 22nd, 2002

Detective Montoya is arguing with Commissioner Gordon when the call comes in that Batgirl has been spotted on the North Side. As they head off, Batgirl is sighted on the West Side. Then the South Side. Each of these "Batgirls" is unmasked, revealing them to be Harley, Ivy and Catwoman. Under cover of this diversion, Barbara Gordon slips into the unmanned Police Headquarters and steals the key to the Dangerous Evidence Vault from her father's drawer. As she slips the key into the Vault she is surprised by Detective Reesdale.

Webisode #29 - Signal Fires
Original Airdate - November 5th, 2002

Detective Reesdale assumes Barbara has the Commissioner's permission and gives her the "grand tour" of the vault. Reesdale lets slip some information that disturbs her. Barbara secretly steals some of the evidence confiscated from Mr. Freeze and slips away. In the glare of the Bat-Signal, Barbara confronts her father. When he insists he has incontrovertible evidence implicating Batgirl, Barbara's fears are realized. Her eyes turn to steel. She forces the Commissioner into the Batsignal and to certain death. What's wrong with this picture?

Webisode #30 - Cold Hands, Cold Heart
Original Airdate - November 19th, 2002 - Third Season Finale.

The Commissioner, twitching in the Batsignal, explodes into a pile of gears and wheels and microchips: He's a Robot! Who is behind this robotic Commissioner? None other than the Commissioner's supposedly loyal assistant, Dora Smithy. Sister to Nora. Sister-in-law to Mr. Freeze. The Robotic Replacement was designed to crack down on the costumed villains - like Mr. Freeze - whom Dora blames for her sister's fate. In a final pitched battle in an old Mr. Freeze hideout, Dora falls into a vat of cryo-solution and is turned into a female version of Mr. Freeze. The very thing she hated.

Note: The above guide was provided exclusively to The World's Finest from the Gotham Girls production crew. All episode loglines are official and are exclusive to The World's Finest. Do not remove without permission.

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