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Providing new interpretations of some of DC Comics' most beloved characters, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment presents an ongoing series of animated adventures with some of the biggest heroes ever to grace the four-color page! Spinning out and inspired by the popular DC Universe Animated Original Movie line, these DC Comics Animated Movie titles will draw from top-class creative talent, excellent stories and unforgettable characters!

There is no unique banner or directive bringing these titles together. Instead, the goal is to provide great animated titles based on the some of the biggest characters known the world over for fans of all ages! These animated adventures will consist of wholly original takes, stories inspired by toylines or pre-existing products, extension products based on franchise/tentpole titles, spin-offs from character interpretations found in other mediums, and more!

Please note that that every title will not get a fully-developed subsite nor will every title be review. Coverage will range from a simple, standard review up to a more detailed subsite, which includes behind-the-scenes content, media and more. If there is a particular title you wish to see reviewed, please let us know. Click on the images below for more!

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