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James Harvey (Dick Grayson)- First and foremost, above everyone else I can think of, I have to thank Ian and Zach, better known as The Flash and Bird Boy. These two guys have suffered through everyone of my whiney fits, my ideas and suggestions, likes and dislikes -- all of it. I put these two guys through hell and they've yet to kick my ass. They could probably take me, too, but still...I can't thank them enough for that. I couldn't ask for two more generous, selfless, hard-working friends then these two buddies right here. I can never thank these guys enough.

Brian and Harley deserve a huge pat on the shoulder for agreeing to host this site. I put these two through a lot as well. A lot of fights and disputes, yet they stick with me. Toon Zone has always been supportive of the site, and Brian and Harley of the decisions I've made, and I will always be grateful to them for that. Thanks guys, truly.

This is where it gets tricky, because now I have a lot of posters and creators to thank. Problem is, there's about a million of them and there's no way I can thank them all. They've all been incredibly kind to me.

For every creator I've talked to, for everyone who's given up time so I could interview them, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. They all give up time for me, probably more than I deserve. Just look around the site and you'll find all these interviews and's crazy the amount of times I've bugged them! All of you are just so kind in return, and I will always remember that. Special props go out to Bob Kane, Alex Toth, Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Mike Parobeck, Dan Slott, Ty Templeton, Rick Burchett, Min S. Ku and John Delaney who have major inspirations in my life and my creativity - thanks a lot! I've even gotten to talk to some of them! I know I'm leaving out a lot of people (I think I may have named too many, actually), and I apologize. To every creator whom I've ever talked to emailed, etc, thank you for taking time out of your day to talk to a complete and proud fanboy. It's surreal to be talking to creators who years ago I could only dream about talking to, whose name I see on the TV shows and movies I watch. Thank you so very much.

And the many fans and posters who visit our site and the forums. For the guys and gals who have been here since day I can't believe that! Supportive from the first post, thank you very much for being with this site as it evolved from a single board into the huge site you see today. Thanks guys! Special thanks goes out to Jay Allman, Barb Gordon, BrianUK, Salvor, Tim Two-Face, and especially Nightwing -- who kept this site alive during it's darkest times. I know there are so many more people I should thank, or take special notice of, but I simply can't remember. I would also like to thank the original E. Nygma and RobinIII - the guys who, unbeknownst to them, laid the ground work for this site. I know I left out a swarm of people, and I apologize, but to everyone who comes to this site, voices their opinion, and sends us emails - thank you very much. This site is here because of you.

Of course my friends and family need thanks. Without them I would have fallen apart long ago. They have always supported me through my decisions, no matter how much they may have disagreed. Every step of the way my friends and family have been there, something I will always appreciate.

Ian Moore (The Flash)
- God for giving me the talent to make things look cool. Jim Harvey for this awesome community & website, for giving me as much creative space as anybody could ask for and his trusting friendship. Bird Boy for always putting up with me and all the countless times he’s helped me out with things, almost always in the .html and .php category. Everybody who regularly visits this site owes Bird Boy a big thank you. He’s always working on this website and is always keeping it in fine tune. And when I mean always, I mean always. My Dark Knight Adventures crew for creating and maintaining one awesome online comic book. Especially to James (SJJ) who is always right there to take over the show when I get too busy be online. Not to mention all the artwork (and now scripts!) that he churns out on a constant basis. SilverKnight for her great story telling and unbeatably awesome colors. Salvor for his killer covers, enthusiasm and hard work for the project. All of the moderators who keep our forums in check, too many to list! Toon Zone (Brian Cruz, Eileen "Harley" Delgadillo, & Colin) for being awesome website hosts and sticking with us through thick and thin. We really beat up their bandwidth! Thanks, guys. Barb Gordon, redDragon, Outlander, etc. for all being such cool buds, even if we don’t get to talk much anymore. Of course Bruce Timm and Co. for their cartoons, if it weren’t for those there wouldn’t be a World’s Finest. To my favorite band Bride ( for their many years of awesome hard rock and insightful outlook. Their music always keeps me going when I’m working on the graphics that you see on this site. Powerade and Coca-Cola to keep me up late at night when I’m behind on a deadline. And last but certainly not least, to my Lord and Personal Savior Jesus Christ for giving us all eternal life if we just believe in Him.

Zach Demeter (Bird Boy)
- Oh so many people to thank....

Jim—he got me into all this, and yet, for some reason, even after all the scripting, frustration, cursing, yelling, screaming...I'm still here. I just get a lot of joy out of all this, especially when I get the job done.

Flash for putting up with me. I can be a whiney SOB at times (and, for that matter, so can he), so I thank you for that, Flash—that and you're one heckuva friend. Thirdly, we have redDragon. Another one of my long-time friends online, you're always on if I need a question answered, sometime to talk to or just generally bug/annoy. You truly are one of a kind.

Fourthly (not a word, I know), we have a whole slew of people: Bleu Unicorn, Borg4of3, Guitar Slayer, Steel, SJJ, Outlander...the list goes on and on. If you're not listed, it's probably cause you don't deserve to be. And Steve from TheJawa for letting me be on his staff, which got started me in all this mess (and for helping with the initial PHP scripting of this website!)

Fifthflytly (shush up) there's all of the creators of the Forums that we've been lucky enough to have with us--from comic writers to show creators/writers, they've helped make our forum one of the best DCAU related ones out there. Then, of course, we have Brian Cruz and Eileen "Harley" Delgadillo for hosting us—we wouldn't be here without you guys! And, on top of them all (You ask "what? all? You said Jim was first!". To which I reply "bite me") I have to give my thanks to the Big Man Himself, my Mom, Dad, my brother Adam (for being someone to always pal around with and talk to), and my other siblings as well

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