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Community Fanworks - Creations

Welcome to the fan creations section. Here, you can see some incredible, creative artwork created by fans of all ages, around the world. To submit a piece of work to this page, please email us and we'll get something arranged.

These images are for use on your personal computer. Do not take any of them to use elsewhere without permission from the original artist.


Drawing Board Art Jam

- Artemis' Gallery - Solid Snake's Gallery- Veil1's Gallery -


A Flash animation done by Darkknight1992. Click on image to load the video.
by Darkknight1992

"Various pics of Gotham's not-so friendly residents: The Mad Hatter, The Joker and my favorite female villain, Baby Doll.
I couldn't draw that doll gun of hers right so I gave her a 357 magnum instead. Which I had to admit looked better."
Added 4/19 - Joker's Evolution
All by Alexander Gustafsson

First two Batmen's: "I was messing about with the thought of doing a one-shot comic about BB, set further on.
Ultimately decided against it."

Final two of Batman Beyond and Superman. All by stembuk.

A picture of Raven done entirely on the PC with Paint, by Mark H

Superman vs. The Hulk by Javier Ambríz

Black Mask by camouflage

Three very impressive Batmen and one awesome Superman by Mike York.

Nightwing by Sean Solomon

A Joker Watercolor by Matt MacNabb

A drawing of the Dark Knight by The Detective

D.F. Cole's Rendition of the TNBA Batman
 An image of Batgirl, Nightwing and Robin (an edited version for our younger viewers is included)


Raven Shields drawings of The Flash, and four images of The Scarcrow, based on his "The Long Halloween" Rendition
which Raven calls "was definitely the most fitting for him." You can check out more of Raven Shield's work by clicking here.
(Note: Flash-02 through Flash-06 and Scare05 through Scare06 were added 6/6/03)

Jose Cruz 's drawing of Aquaman, Batman and Lobo (Not for younger viewers)
Added 8/4--Jose's rendition of the JLA.
Added 8/7--Jose's drawings of Aquaman (02), Superman and Mazinger Z.
Added 9/20--Batman, Blue Beetle and Blue Booster Gold, and another JLA Drawing.
Added 12/30--Superman. Colored by Kimo (friend of Jose).

Paul C. 's excellent renditions of the Man of Steel.
5/16 - Color Superman
7/17 - Superman (Based off of 'Superman Returns' Costume, Second to End)
11/23 - New Superman image (End Right)
3/4 - New Superman images (End Right)

Alternate reality takes on Batman Beyond and Nightwing. All done by Jack C.

Batman (TNBA) By David M.

Bonk's Unedited Death, an edited Joker image, Supergirl through the Looking-Glass and some animated test shots all by Bic. Check out his website at!

Three great Inque pics, a nice Spellbinder pic, and a great Batman sketch by Inque.

Terry Takes flight in this enhanced picture by Sheep.

Melanie and Terry by Kirsten.

I - An anime-style pic of Terry emphasizing those baby-blue eyes
II - A color sideshot of Terry
III - A color face shot of Terry McGinnis
All three by 2MBRaidrette.

Animated renditions of Shazam and Billy Batson by Dan.

Animated versions of The Eradicator, Superboy and Kyle's Comic Green Lantern outfit by Dan.

Flash Girl and Green Lantern Lady - two fan made characters by Green.

Bruce Wayne Unmasked and Terry listening to the Beyond CD.
Both images by Dick Grayson

'Batman Beyond Cloaked' by Komorijin

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