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01. Awakening, Part One
Original Airdate - October 24th, 1994
In 994, a band of Vikings attack castle Wyvern in Scotland, but are driven back by the gargoyles protecting it. While retreating, they vow revenge... and someone in the castle may just want to help them with that.

02. Awakening, Part Two
Original Airdate - October 25th, 1994
Goliath returns to the castle to find his clan destroyed, and the humans abducted. The gargoyles defeat the Vikings and rescue the captives, but a tragic misunderstanding leaves them cursed to remain stone statues day and night.

03. Awakening, Part Three
Original Airdate - October 26th, 1994
Not satisfied with Xanatos's explanation, detective Maza decides to take a look around the castle by herself. Xanatos wants the Gargoyles help in retrieving the stolen data.

04. Awakening, Part Four
Original Airdate - October 27th, 1994
Elisa and Goliath are ambushed in the park by a group of commandos and Elisa is left to lead the pursuers alone. The Gargoyles accept to help Xanatos retrieve his stolen disks from Cyberbiotics.

05.Awakening, Part Five
Original Airdate - October 28th, 1994
The Gargoyles attack the data storage facilities, and when they return successful, Xanatos decides they've outlived their usefulness.

06. The Thrill of the Hunt
Original Airdate - November 4th, 1994
Lexington makes contact with his TV heroes - The Pack - in hopes of finding allies. But for his surprise he finds that they are far from heroic in real life.

07. Temptation
Original Airdate - November 11th, 1994
Demona convinces Brooklyn that humans and gargoyles can never live together, and asks him to help her show Goliath the same.

08. Deadly Force
Original Airdate - November 18th, 1994
Broadway accidentally shoots Elisa with her gun. Wrecked by regret, he takes her to the hospital and then goes off on his own to take his frustration out on any criminal he can find.

09. Enter MacBeth
Original Airdate - January 6th, 1995
As Xanatos is about to get out of prison, he wonders what to do about the Gargoyles. As luck would have it, he is contacted by a stranger calling himself MacBeth who offers to take the creatures off his hands.

10. The Edge
Original Airdate - January 13th, 1995
Xanatos donates jewel of his - the Eye of Odin - to the city's museum. Then he has one of his robot gargoyles steal it back, framing Goliath.

11. Long Way to Morning
Original Airdate - January 20th, 1995
Demona forces Goliath into a confrontation, severely wounding him and leaving Hudson to protect him until dawn.

12. Her Brother's Keeper
Original Airdate - January 27th, 1995
Xanatos offers Elisa's brother a job as pilot and bodyguard. However there is more to the job than he is aware of when Jackal and Hyena are ordered to assassinate him.

13. Reawakening
Original Airdate - February 3rd, 1995
When science or sorcery alone are not enough to stop the gargoyles, Demona and Xanatos try combine the two, rebuilding a gargoyle from the rubble left at the castle.

Main Page | Episodes #1 - 13 | Episodes #14 - 26
Episodes #27 - 39 | Episodes #40 - 52 | Episodes #53 - 65 | Episodes #66 - 78

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