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53. Bushido
Original Airdate - February 20th, 1996
Gargoyles and humans have lived in peace in a Japanese village for centuries, but a businessman plans to exploit that trust for financial gain.

54. Cloud Fathers
Original Airdate - February 21st, 1996
Xanatos is buying up Native American land, and Elisa's father and sister decide to find out what he plans to do with it.

55. Ill Met By Moonlight
Original Airdate - February 22nd, 1996
The company hopes for some rest when they find themselves returning to Avalon. But the peace short lived, as Oberon appears, demanding that the humans and gargoyles leave the island to make way for the return of his children.

56. Future Tense
Original Airdate - April 25th, 1996
Luck seems upon the company, as they spot the statue of liberty through the mists. But the New York the see is not the one they left... It is a devastated ruin controlled by Xanatos' robot sentries.

57. The Gathering, Part One
Original Airdate - April 29th, 1996
Oberon has gathered his children... save for one. Puck remains somewhere in the mortal realm, and Oberon takes a gargoyle hound to Manhattan to track him down. Meanwhile, Xanatos' and Fox's families have their own gathering, as Fox has given birth.

58. The Gathering, Part Two
Original Airdate - April 30th, 1996
Oberon besieges Xanatos' skyscraper, determined to let nothing stand between him and the child.

59. Vendettas
Original Airdate - May 1st, 1996
Three vengeful souls seek to make the gargoyles pay for ruining their lives.

60. Turf
Original Airdate - May 6th, 1996
Tomas Brod tries to establish himself in New York by throwing out Dracon. Having infiltrated his gang, Elisa ends up right in the middle.

61. The Reckoning
Original Airdate - May 7th, 1996
The gargoyles capture Demona, and decide to lock her up in the mutates' hold, taking turns to guard her. But was it perhaps a bit too easy?

62. Possession
Original Airdate - May 8th, 1996
Puck's first magic lesson for Alexander causes no end of confusion amongst the gargoyles, as the two transfer two of Coldstone's personalities into Broadway and Angela, while possessing two other gargoyles themselves.

63. Hunter's Moon, Part One
Original Airdate - May 13th, 1996
Elisa is transferred to the night shift and given a new partner. Demona is stealing large quantities of a powerful disinfectant from Xanatos. And there's a new hunter in town, out to make sure every last gargoyle is dead...

64. Hunter's Moon, Part Two
Original Airdate - May 14th, 1996
Goliath swears revenge against to Hunters for what they did to Angela, and flies out to take the battle to them.

65. Hunter's Moon, Part Three
Original Airdate - May 15th, 1996
The gargoyles survive the blast, but the clocktower is destroyed. Now they have nothing left but vengeance. Meanwhile, Demona makes the last preparations for conclusion of a centuries old plan...

Main Page | Episodes #1 - 13 | Episodes #14 - 26
Episodes #27 - 39 | Episodes #40 - 52 | Episodes #53 - 65 | Episodes #66 - 78

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