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40. Golem
Original Airdate - December 14th, 1995
Goliath and the others find themselves in Prague, where a rabbi is trying to reawaken the golem to protect the citizens against organized crime.

41. Sanctuary
Original Airdate - December 18th, 1995
In Paris, the company comes across Demona, Thailog and MacBeth, all deep in a triangle of treachery.

42. M.I.A.
Original Airdate - December 21st, 1995
Sent to London, Goliath comes in contact with the remnants of a local gargoyle clan, and is accused of leading one of their members to his death - 40 years before.

43. Grief
Original Airdate - December 28th, 1995
In Egypt, Goliath, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx find the Pack working on another of Xanatos's schemes - trying to pry immortality out of the God of Death's hands.

44. Kingdom
Original Airdate - February 5th, 1996
Worried about Elisa and Goliath, the remaining gargoyles look around for clues to their whereabouts. Brooklyn starts by contacting Talon, and finds a power struggle developing among the mutants.

45. The Hound of Ulster
Original Airdate - February 6th, 1996
In Ireland, Goliath, Elisa and Angela find themselves trapped by the Banshee, who believes they're agents of Oberon come to take her back to Avalon.

46. Walkabout
Original Airdate - February 7th, 1996
Fox and her mother runs a nano-tech experiment in the Australian outback, but it threatens to get out of control.

47. Mark of the Panther
Original Airdate - February 8th, 1996
Humans turning into panthers (or panthers turning into humans), poachers, and Elisa's mother await the company as they arrive in Nigeria.

48. Pendragon
Original Airdate - February 12th, 1996
Seeking out Excalibur in London, Arthur meets Griff, and together they're sent to Manhattan by the Stone of Destiny where the sword is said to lie. Unfortunately, MacBeth is about, having sensed that powerful magic is gathering...

49. Eye of the Storm
Original Airdate - February 13th, 1996
In Norway, the company is met by a mysterious one-eyed man who wants the Eye of Odin. When Goliath refuses to give it to him, he says they will regret it... especially Elisa who isn't dressed for the cold.

50. The New Olympians
Original Airdate - February 14th, 1996
In the middle of nowhere, Goliath and co. find the hidden city of New Olympus, where the creatures of Greek myth have retreated, and humans are outlawed.

51. The Green
Original Airdate - February 15th, 1996
Cyberbiotics are cutting down the rainforest in Guatemala, and have hired Jackal and Hyena to take care of the local Gargoyle clan.

52. Sentinel
Original Airdate - February 19th, 1996
Arriving on Easter Island, Elisa is hit and taken by a strange being. When she is found again, she has no memories of herself... or the Gargoyles.

Main Page | Episodes #1 - 13 | Episodes #14 - 26
Episodes #27 - 39 | Episodes #40 - 52 | Episodes #53 - 65 | Episodes #66 - 78

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