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Episode #53 - Unity
Original Airdate - May 15th, 1999. - Third Season Finale

Supergirl teams up with Superman to save Ma and Pa Kent and the rest of Smallville, from an alien threat.

Media by Bird Boy
Pans by Borg4of3
Review by The Flash
Written by Paul Dini, Rich Fogel
Directed by Shin-Ichi Tsuji
Music by Lolita Ritmanis
Animation by Group T.A.C. Co., LTD., Jade Animation

Tim Daly as Superman/Clark Kent
Nicholle Tom as Kara/Supergirl
Mike Farrell as Jonathan Kent
Shelly Fabares as Martha Kent
Stephen Root as Reverend Howell/Unity
Peri Gilpin as Volcana/Woman on Bus
Jason Marsden as Owen
Dennis Haysbert as Doctor #1
Miguel Sandoval as Doctor #2
Brian George as Eugene
Murphy Cross as Female Technician
Michael David Donovan as Additional Voices

Screen Grabs


Personally, I thought that the plot was excellent. Having Kara go to Metropolis to get away from "dull" Smallville was a great idea. Especially when all heck began to break loose once she left. It was very amusing that Clark made Kara take the bus to Metropolis. Right before Kara gets on the bus, a boy walks up and hands her some comic books. This was a very nice touch for comic book fans, especially, when one of them was called Gun Girl 13! Also, it was neat to see Supergirl fight Volcana while in Metropolis. The bus ride back to Smallville was hysterical to watch! They were going through the middle of Kansas with tons of annoying things going on. One guy is playing his music loudly, another's baby is crying, while two people right behind Kara are arguing over the crops just outside the window of the bus. "Look at that field, Eugene. Would you say them are rutabagas or turnips?"

The man replies, "I'd say them are turnips." They kept discussing it as Kara is getting more annoyed by the second. Finally, the woman asks Kara if she knows if "them" are rutabagas or turnips. Kara goes, "I am so out of here." She gets off the bus and the woman in the bus says to the man next to her, "I think she went out to check."

It was also a very nice touch for Kara to have to fight "Ma and Pa". Also, the action in this was great! The sound really added to it. This has got to be one of the most violent BTAS or STAS shows ever. I was really shocked that the censor allowed them to show some of this stuff! Like Superman splitting the monster in half or Supergirl setting another monster on fire. I wonder if they could get away with that today in Kid's WB. Hummmm.

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