Month: April 2008

New “DC Universe Animated Original Movies” Titles To Be Announced Soon

The fifth title in the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line, expected to be released in early 2009, is slated to be announced in the fourth quarter of this year. The title will likely have a video preview on the DVD release for the Wonder Woman direct-to-video feature, which is expected to hit shelves toward the end of the year.

Production on the 2009 DC Universe Animated Original Movie releases are already well underway, with both DC Comics and Warner Home Video looking ahead at possible properties for the 2010 release. Grant Morrison, writer of Batman and All-Star Superman, said Warner Home Video has expressed interest in adapting his 12-issue run on All-Star Superman as a DC Universe Animated Original Movie title, but no commitment has been made on their part at this time.

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New Artwork for Upcoming “The Batman,” “Teen Titans” DVD Releases

The Batman: The Complete Fifth Season DVD release will contain a featurette, called “Joining Forces: The Batman’s Legendary Team-Up,” containing a close look at the heroes who stopped by this season. Character profiles will also be included on the release. Teen Titans: The Complete Fifth Season will contain hero and villain profiles as the sole bonus features on that release.

Both titles will hit shelves July 22nd, 2008.

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Hi-Res Artwork And Details For “Batman: Gotham Knight” DVD Releases

To get a closer look, click on the thumbnails below.

The Batman: Gotham Knight – Two-Disc Special Edition release and the Blu-Ray release of Batman: Gotham Knight will also contain the four following bonus Batman: The Animated Series episodes in standard definition:

-“Heart of Ice”
-“I Am the Night”
-“Legends of the Dark Knight”
-“Over the Edge”

The assorted releases will also have audio commentary from legendary Batman writer Denny O’Neil, DC Comics Senior Vice President/Creative Affairs Greg Noveck, and Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman.

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