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Bios - Roland Dagget

Voiced By: Ed Asner
First Appearance: "Feat of Clay, Part 1"
Position: Prison

Bio: As crooked as most businessmen get, Roland Dagget is as crooked as they get! He's Gotham's Lex Luthor, only creepier and more deviant. Roland Dagget tries to keep the facade as an honest business man, but many know his true persona, as a crooked double dealing man. Dagget is even responsible for creating Clayface, and infecting Catwoman with a near fatal disease. He also unsuccessfully tried to spread a disease for which he only had the antidote for. This would have made Dagget a very rich and powerful man, but his plan was found out and he went bankrupt.

He 's now in prison, while his lawyers try and find a loophole that'll free him.

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