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Bios - Tony Zucco

Voiced By: Thomas Wilson
First Appearance: "Robin's Reckoning, Part 1"
Position: In Jail

Bio: Tony Zucco started off as a young man eager to make a name for himself in the racketeering business, as well as with the mob. On the side he would strong arm companies to take up "insurance". One business he hit up was Haley's Circus. He sabotaged some equipment which led to the death of Dick Grayson's parents, a death which both Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne were witnessed, too.

That act of sabotage led the Batman onto Zucco, which increased Zucco's paranoia. After a couple brief run-ins with Batman, Tony Zucco escaped and hid out in an abandoned amusement park on the edge of Gotham. After one of Zucco's thugs made a mistake, that lead Batman and Robin onto him, nine years after he sabotaged the equipment which lead to murder. Tony Zucco was arrested and convicted of double murder. He now resides in prison for life.

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