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Batman: The Animated Series – Episode #011 – It’s Never Too Late

Episode #011 – It’s Never Too Late
Original Airdate – September 10th, 1992

An aging mob boss, Arnold Stromwell, is about to be rubbed out by a rival boss, Rupert Thorne. Batman saves Stromwell from Thorne’s men and must keep the crime boss one step ahead of his enemies.

Media by Bird Boy, Jim Harvey
Review by Robin III

Story by Tom Ruegger
Teleplay by Garin Wolf
Directed by Boyd Kirkland
Supervising Composer Shirley Walker
Music Composed by Lolita Ritmanis
Animation Services by Spectrum Animation Studio

Kevin Conroy as Batman / Bruce Wayne
Robert Costanzo as Detective Harvey Bullock
Bob Hastings as Commissioner James Gordon
Townsend Coleman as Chick
Paul Dooley as Father Michael
Jeff Doucette as Gabe
Linda Gar as Constance Blaine
Katherine Helmond as Connie
Peter Jason as Mason
Alan Roberts as Young Arnie
Eugene Roche as Arnold Stromwell
John Vernon as Rupert Thorne
Josh Weiner as Michael

Screen Grabs:



STROMWELL: You! What are you doing?
BATMAN: Saving your hide.

GORDON: What are you looking at?
BULLOCK: Your hair. It looked better on TV.

FIREMAN: There’s no evidence there was anyone inside.
BUM: There was somebody in there! Batman saved his butt! I’ve seen it, man! He was just leapin’ on the rooftops carryin’ somebody on his shoulders! I seen it! Like a dark angel snatchin’ the guy from the fires of Hades, man!

STROMWELL: What is this place?
BATMAN: A drug rehab center.
STROMWELL: No! I ain’t going in! Your ten cent tour of the city is over!
STROMWELL: So, what could it hurt? One little look, right?


A very well done gangster episode with no need for super villains. At times, it get a bit slow with Arnold Stromwell’s past being shown twice, but the second time with about 5 seconds of new footage slowed down to make it more dramatic.

A plus in the episode is Batman’s actions to get a criminal out of crime without resorting to violence and throwing the guy in jail. Batman talks things out with Stromwell, and at the same time, the action takes place with Thorne’s gang. The general story was a bit weak, but the tone of a gangster story was just right.

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