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Batman: The Animated Series – Episode #016 – The Cat and the Claw: Part 2

Episode #016 – The Cat and the Claw: Part 2
Original Airdate – September 12th, 1992

Red Claw and her terrorists put their plans into motion, stealing a virulent strain of plague which they use to hold the city for ransom. Meanwhile Catwoman infiltrates the terrorists’ under mountain headquarters, not realizing what she’s getting into. When Batman follows her there, they’re both captured, trussed up, and left to die as victims of the viral plague.

Media by Borg4of3, Jim Harvey
Review by Robin III

Story by S.C. Derek & L. Bright
Teleplay by J. Dennis & R. Mueller
Directed by D. Sebast
Supervising Composer Shirley Walker
Music Composed by Harvey Cohen
Animation Services by Akom Production Co.
Layout Services by NOA Animation

Kevin Conroy as Batman / Bruce Wayne
Bob Hastings as Commissioner James Gordon
Adrienne Barbeau as Catwoman / Selina Kyle
Herb Edelman as Stern
Kate Mulgrew as Red Claw
Mary McDonald Lewis as Maven
Neil Ross as Additional Voice
Frank Welker as Additional Voice

Screen Grabs:



BOSS: Can’t you ever walk up to someone normal like?
BATMAN: I hear you have some information. . .
BOSS: Under one condition: Lay off the south side.
BATMAN: Keep this up and I’ll be on you from all sides. North, south, east and west.
BOSS: Okay! I get the picture!

BATMAN: Red Claw? A woman!?
RED CLAW: Do you have a problem with that?
BATMAN: Not at all! I’m an equal opportunity crime fighter.

RED CLAW: You finally met your match, Batman! Not surprising it’s a woman!

SELINA: Where’d you learn to drive like that?
BRUCE: Oh, I’ve been going to the Paris Grand Prix for years. . . You know, one of these days I think I’ll enter it.

BATMAN: I didn’t want you taken away like a common criminal.
CATWOMAN: So you do care.
BATMAN: More than you’ll ever know.


This episode didn’t necessarily have to be part two of two. In fact, I would have liked it more if it wasn’t. The lack-luster drawing and not that exciting script sort of ruined the whole story. It seemed rushed and sort of a “we have to end this somehow. . .” episode.

A nice fight between Red Claw or Catwoman would have been nice, but Batman hitting a woman probably wasn’t allowed at the time which is unfortunate since both femme fatales could hold their own against the Dark Knight.

Having Catwoman team up with Batman was nice, but it was way too early in the series. It would have been better to have Catwoman a villain for a longer period of time and then turn good.

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