Month: May 2008

Storrie Provides Update On Classic “Gotham Girls” Comic Series

With the thirty-episode Gotham Girls web-series soon be available on DVD, as part of the upcoming Birds of Prey: The Complete Series DVD box set, it seems like a perfect time for the acclaimed Gotham Girls animated comic mini-series to be collected in the popular trade paperback format. However, according to Paul Storrie, there are no current plans for a collection.

“To the best of my knowledge, there are no plans for a collection of the Gotham Girls mini-series,” says Storrie.

However, when asked, Storrie did provide some words of encouragement for fans wishing to see this series collected.

“As to how fans might be able to encourage such a collection, while letter writing campaigns and the like are always nice, the best way to convince a publisher that there’s demand for a product is to convince your local comics retailer that there is demand for a product, ” says Storrie.

“After all, the retailer is really the first customer,” he continues. “Their orders determine how profitable a particular product will be for the publisher. When it comes to what gets collected, the biggest factor is potential sales. If the retailers convince DC that they’d sell a lot of Gotham Girls collections, I’m sure DC would do one.”

Storrie has fond memories of working on the mini-series, something he hopes the fans were able to pick up upon when they read it.

“When it comes to the mini-series itself, all I can say is that I had a great time writing it and I think that the excellent work of all involved still holds up,” says Storrie. “Illustrator Jennifer Graves (with layout assistance from Brad Rader and Rick Burchett on issues three and five) and inker J. Bone did a wonderful job on the art, Shane Glines and Rian Hughes did terrific covers and, I hope, my story was a fun ride for the readers.”

For fans looking for more from Storrie, he provided a quick update on what he has coming down the pipeline, as well as a few other recent happenings.

“Don’t have a whole lot of projects right now at a stage where I can talk about them, but I do have a one-shot coming out soon from Moonstone Books called Gabriel: Angel of Destruction,” Storrie says. “It’s part of their “Twilight Crusade” event, which is five books by five creative teams telling different stories involving the War between Heaven and Hell, played out in the modern world.”

“Also, later this year, I have another book coming out in the Graphic Myths & Legends series, this time featuring William Tell.”

Storrie also had a pleasant surprise earlier this year, with one of his book placing as a finalist in a prestigious category.

“I’m also pleased to report that my Graphic Myths & Legends book Beowulf: Monster Slayer is a finalist in this year’s Children’s Choice Book Awards,” Storrie says, “and Amaterasu: Return of the Sun is named in the 2008 Edition of The Best Childrens Books of the Year from the Childrens Book Committee at Bank Street College of Education.”

The World’s Finest would like to thank Paul Storrie for taking the time to answer a few of our questions. For more from Paul Storrie, please check out both his official website and blog for more.

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Azzarello Discusses Writing For “Batman: Gotham Knight,” New Images

Eisner Award winning writer Brian Azzarello discusses writing for upcoming DC Universe Original Animated Film, Batman: Gotham Knight

One of the most sought-after writers in comics today, Brian Azzarello is one of the six acclaimed scribes to pen a segment within Batman: Gotham Knight, the third in the ongoing series of DC Universe animated original PG-13 movies.

Unlike many of his past works, Azzarellos segment entitled Working Though Pain takes a decidedly non-violent direction. The segment, which falls chronologically as the fifth of the six segments, explores an early chapter of Bruce Waynes training as a mysterious and exotic Indian woman named Cassandra introduces Batman to techniques that would help him to conquer the physical and spiritual consequences of what he does.

Azzarello achieved widespread notoriety and garnered multiple Eisner Awards for 100 Bullets a collaboration with artist Eduardo Risso which was published by Vertigo for DC Comics. He has continually broken new ground with offerings like Vertigos Jonny Double, Hellblazer and Loveless series. Azzarello is no stranger to Batman, having written for the character in Batman: Broken City, Batman/Deathblow: After the Fire, within the Batman Gotham Knights series and in Lex Luthor: Man of Steel.

A Chicago resident, Azzarello will travel across town to join fellow Batman: Gotham Knight writers Alan Burnett and Josh Olson, along with producer Bruce Timm, for the films world premiere at Wizard World Chicago in late June. Batman: Gotham Knight will arrive July 8, 2008 on DVD and Blu-Ray disc, and will also be available that day On Demand via digital cable and for download through broadband sites. The film is produced as a collaboration between DC Comics, Warner Premiere, Warner Home Video and Warner Bros. Animation.

Azzarello took time away from his Mac Power Book to discuss Batman: Gotham Knight, the character of Batman, the motivations of a writer, and a little cooking, too.

Question: For starters, what was your overall impression of Batman: Gotham Knight, and were you pleased with your segment?

Brian Azzarello: I liked the film its a very interesting take on the Batman character. It holds together cohesively, yet each episode is strikingly different. And I loved (my segment) its great. I really liked the animation. It was fascinating seeing my words moving around. When I write, I see it in print I dont see it moving. So it was fun and it was a good experience.

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“The Batman Strikes” Concludes With Issue #50

The Batman Strikes #50, the final issue of the series, will ship in October 2008. The issue will feature a Halloween-themed story.

Despite the fact that there are a host of stories for The Batman Strikes in various stages of completion, stories which would have taken the series beyond the 50th issue, DC Comics will be shutting down the series in October to make way for an comic spin-off of the upcoming Batman: The Brave and The Bold animated series. As for what stories will see print before the series comes to a close, stay tuned for details. Christopher Jones will be providing the artwork for the final issue of The Batman Strikes.

DC Comics is planning a host of new all-ages books to publish later this year, including the aforementioned Batman: The Brave and The Bold comic spin-off.

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