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  1. GGuy McLimore

    Always glad to see more about Young Justice (both the excellent comic and the equally-excellent TV series) here!
    I love the season 2 cast, but I’ll be pleased to see flashbacks to season 1’s time period as there are a lot of stories that can be told there. I’m sorry we missed the Marvel Family story. Billy/Cap is handled very well in YJ and having the other members of the family introduced would be fun!
    (Hmm. In the season 2 timeline, Billy would now be a teen about the same age as some of the members of The Team. So will Mary, but unlike Billy, she’ll LOOK like a teen in her costumed identity. Cap is in the Justice League, so how about Mary joining The Team? I wonder if that would be a source of irritation for her — Billy being a Leaguer while she’s in The Team treated like a sidekick. After all, they ARE twins — exactly the same age in real life.)

  2. PPaul

    I’mloving the TV series but its a shame its appears to have stopped being shown on U.S TV (season 2 that is, what did they get up to S02E07) Of course you could also watch the same episodes of season 1 over and over again on the UK TV Appears they only purchased 2/3rds of the series………….. will they ever show all of it…nah. Have to check out the comics, seems interestng

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