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  1. MMichael Bulnes

    Young Justice should not be cancelled. This show shows that even little people can make a difference in the world. Young Justice is a great show and should be left on cartoon network.

  2. KKhiaao

    Nice response…. shows how little they care about the viewers opinions

  3. LLyralio

    Isn’t it great when executives completely miss the point of why people are angry at them, thus making their attempts at saving face completely idiotic?

    Hey, brainiacs: people don’t give a flying fig about DC Nation right now, they just want THESE two shows to not get the boot. But no, anything beats pretending you even know what’s going on.

    The only silver lining in all of this is that DC still has their animated movie franchise, which means Green Lantern fans at least can hope for adaptations of the Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night.

  4. BBenjamin Dog

    I don’t understand why Cartoon Network couldn’t just make the block two hours. I mean is it really that important for repeats that Lego Ninja show to be on a 10:00 AM? Oh well, I am amazed the two comic series got their own shows. Green Lantern not that much since it was meant to be released with the movie (the show was much better and was my fav. DC show on the air. Sorry YJ) and Young Justice. A hero team the mainstream audience never knew or cared for and for the longest time they thought their was only Teen Titans. Still looking forward to a Teen Titans based off the one from when I was growing up and a new Batman featuring lesser known and more risky villains (can’t wait to see Anarky!).

    This is kinda off topic, but why haven’t they continued with the Paul Dini and Bruce Timm universe featuring more characters in their own shows? I considered Green Lantern a continuation since Bruce Timm did a lot of the designs, but why not add another Justice League, Batman, or Superman. Better yet a show featuring a hero that did not get a show of their own like Wonder Woman or Th Flash!

  5. JJak Crow

    A bigger load of crap is why CN is cancelling two of the network’s best rated shows. Talk about stupid.

  6. SSL

    At first, I enjoyed seeing “Young Justice” as long as the more casual show “Batman-The Brave and the Bold” was still on, but I was never really a BIG fan of it, so it’s just a little poke to get news that it won’t last longer than two seasons. It would make sense, though, if WB had the whole season on DVD for me to rent in future or at least be available through the “Watch Instantly” section of “Netflix”.

  7. JJoey Dillander

    The online petitions weren’t a out DC Nation. I could care less about that. The petitions were about Young Justice and GLTAS. Just goes to show you that CN doesn’t have to balls to address the shows directly being cancelled or even talk about how much the fans are dedicated to YJ and GLTAS.

  8. Ssophia hamrick

    young justice and green lantern:tas. when is the next young justice home video released?

  9. IIce

    I concur… pathetic placation. They care little about their fans… just wish another network would take them…providing better circumstances. Cartoon Network’s thought and business practices are FLAWED!

  10. FFlashhawk

    Isn’t it bad business to cancel your highest rated shows? Cartoon Network doesn’t seem to give a crap about any show other than Adventure Time or Ben 10 even giving one of the oldest Hannah-Barbera cartoons the boot (Scooby-Doo) Doesn’t Cartoon Network know that Comic adaptations to TV/Movie sell more as do retro-cartoons and not that stupid Adventure Time? DC was probably caught up with who knows what, and even if they did take the time to talk why did they not say why they were cancelling YJ and GL?

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