Final Issue Of “Beware The Batman” Title Now Available From DC Comics

The final issue of the monthly Beware The Batman title from publisher DC Comics and DC Entertainment, issue #6, arrives in comic book and hobby stores today. A downloadable digital version of the comic will also be available through digital outlets including ComiXology and the DC Comics website. The Beware The Batman comic is based on the Cartoon Network animated series of the same name, which is currently on broadcast hiatus in North America.

Matthew K. Manning is the author for Beware The Batman #6, with Luciano Vecchio providing the art. The World’s Finest recently interviewed both Beware The Batman comic writer Manning and artist Vecchio. The interviews can be found here and here respectively.

Click on the images below to view a preview of Beware The Batman #6, along with additional details below.


Written by: Matthew K. Manning
Art by: Luciano Vecchio

The Story: Final Issue. In a story told entirely from first-person perspective, Alfred Pennyworth searches for Batman, who’s in the midst of a fight for his life! Can Alfred get there in time?

The cover price is $2.99US. Beware The Batman #6 is now available through both comic book stores and digital outlets.

A statement from DC Entertainment concerning the cancellation of the Beware The Batman comic book can be found right here at The World’s Finest. Additional details on the Beware The Batman comic series can be found at the The World’s Finest Beware The Batman subsite.

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