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Retro Batman

Rapid Attack

Tornado Batman

Total Armor

Decoy Batman

Jet Pack Joker


Above are all seven of the figures released under the "Mask of the Phantasm" action figure line. The majority of the figures were various interpretations of Batman, (none of which appeared in the film, naturally), but two movie-specific figures were released for the line including Jet Pack Joker and Phantasm. Joker was released with a running change, with one version of the figure's face being the pure white from the film and another version having a pale green/blue color. Strictly speaking the hardest to find of the figures were Joker and Phantasm, with Phantasm being especially hard either due to Kenner not releasing very many of her to the public or possibly because she was not packed in the same number to a case as the rest of the figures.

Phantasm later saw a re-release under the "Rogue's Gallery", a Diamond Comic exclusive set that featured various repaints of other Kenner produced BTAS villains. Phantasm's new paint scheme was especially different, with the colors of her movie specific costume as released originally being essentially inverted.

Big thanks to Mike and Andrew for helping locate images of the above figures.
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