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Justice League

When global catastrophes strike, sometimes the job is too big for a single hero. This is when the world’s greatest superheroes answer the call to join the Justice League. The Justice League’s all-star roster includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter. Justice League follows the premise and storyline of the DC Comics comic books. Members of the Justice League are called upon to battle against allied villains, supernatural creatures and other powerful forces of evil determined to usurp authority over the world and to destroy the Justice League.

Although our heroes come from vastly different backgrounds, even different planets, they must learn to set aside their personal differences to fight for a common cause. This does not prove easy. By their very nature, these heroes are independent outsiders, who live according to a strong personal code of honor. They must learn to trust and rely upon each other. Members of the Justice League may never become “Superfriends” but they learn to work together as a team to overcome a dangerous array of interstellar invaders and world-conquering megalomaniacs. Along with their many victories, the Justice League will also learn that sometimes a hero’s true measure of greatness is how she or he copes with disappointment and defeat.

With so much at stake, every episode will truly be an epic event. The Justice League’s relentless pursuit of justice takes them to exciting, exotic locations around the world, even extending to the farthest corners of the galaxy. The Justice League protects the Earth from a floating space station in orbit called The Watchtower. It serves as a central meeting place for the League’s busy members while they work to detect and defeat threats from remote corners of outer space.

And it was only the beginning, as Justice League Unlimited was just around the corner….

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