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Studio: DC Universe, Warner Bros. Animation
Air Date: Debuts Nov. 29, 2019 on DC Universe, new episodes air weekly every Friday.

Description: Harley Quinn puts everyone’s favorite Gotham villainess front and center as Harley has finally broken things off with the Joker and attempts to make it on her own as the criminal Queenpin of Gotham City. Voicing the title role of Harley Quinn, Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) leads an all-star comedic voice cast which includes Lake Bell (Bless This Mess), Alan Tudyk (Doom Patrol), Tony Hale (Veep), Ron Funches (Powerless), JB Smoove (Spiderman: Far From Home), Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Diedrich Bader (Veep), Chris Meloni (Happy!), Jim Rash (Community), Wanda Sykes (Black-ish) and so many more. Harley Quinn is produced by Ehsugadee Productions in association with Warner Bros. Animation, with executive producers Kaley Cuoco, Sam Register, Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker and Dean Lorey.

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Harley Quinn Series Review
By James Harvey

Fun, wacky and gleefully absurd, Harley Quinn perfectly captures what has made the Harlequin of Crime one of DC Comics’ most popular characters today, even if it leans a little too heavy on the foul language and gratuitous violence on occasion. Factoring in every DC Comics animated product to date, be it a series or movie, Harley Quinn is easily one of the most slapstick, dirtiest, craziest releases ever and, thankfully, it works … for the most part. There’s a lot of pressure on this series, it being the first real original animated title for the DC Universe streaming service, but Harley Quinn and her merry crew of ne’r-do-wells prove they are definitely up to the challenge.

The series kicks off with Harley Quinn finally breaking things off with the Joker for the last time, following the Clown Prince again leaving her behind to take the fall for their latest violent (and quite gruesome) caper. Determined to emancipate herself from the Joker’s shadow, Harley sets out to become the criminal Queenpin of Gotham City and to finally nab a spot in the Legion of Doom. She’s not alone in her surprisingly empowering-feeling journey, joined primarily by Poison Ivy and her sentient house plant Frank, along with a who’s who of some of DC Comics’ biggest bad guys.

Please note this review focuses primarily on the first episode, “‘Til Death Do Us Part,” but also includes spoiler-free references to Episodes #2 – 13.

Pulling inspiration from everything – including Batman: The Animated Series and her assorted comic books, specifically from DC Comics’ The New 52 and Rebirth eras – and then tossing it in a blender, Harley Quinn gleefully revels in farcical, almost campy world it’s created for itself. The foul language is near constant, sometimes excessively so, and the violence is something akin to Looney Tunes, just usually accompanied with a plenty of blood. The body count in the first episode alone is in the low double digits, easy. And while this all seems absolutely out of control and chaotic (and rightfully so), Harley Quinn‘s title character serves as a suitable anchor throughout all the chaos. While she’s responsible for a fair chunk of it, granted, her character helps the viewer make sense of just how bonkers the world she inhabits actually is.

Like the character she voices, Kaley Cuoco just breaks out as Harley Quinn. Not only does she sound perfect as this iteration of the fan-favorite character, but she also gives one heck of a performance. Just be warned, don’t expect her to sound like Arleen Sorkin (Batman: The Animated Series or Tara Strong (the Batman: Arkham series), Cuoco does her own unique take. She brings the right amount of unbridled life to the role, and easily commands as the series’ lead. By her side is Lake Bell, perfectly cast as Poison Ivy, Harley’s partner on this madcap journey. Ivy is such a crucial part to this series that maybe they should’ve considered calling it Harley & Ivy. These two, who make an excellent comedic duo, lead an absolutely incredible cast, which includes Diedrich Bader back under the cowl as Batman, Chris Meloni as a crazed, obsessed Commissioner Gordon, and Alan Tudyk as The Joker and Clayface. And that’s honestly a fraction of this series’ amazing and hilarious supporting cast. The series itself is led by creators Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker and Dean Lorey, all of whom worked together on the short-lived DC Comics-based NBC Sitcom Powerless. Every member of the show’s cast and crew seem to all be on the same page on what type of crazy cartoon this is, and it shows (rest assured, in a good way).

Based on just the first episode alone, this show holds a lot of promise, especially given its sense of unpredictability. While we know Harley’s set goal for the season, to step out of the Joker’s spotlight and join the Legion of Doom, we have no idea how that show is going to get there. It feels like anything can happen, and that’s the excitement you need a series like this to project. Things are going be unpredictable and it’s going to be fun, and that’s exactly the right impression Harley Quinn needs to give. The first episode sets all this up nicely, and it’s legitimately entertaining, even if it starts off a little bit wobbly.

Essentially, Harley Quinn‘s first episode is a solid foundation to start a new on, but there are some potential cracks at the base. While the over-the-top foul language and violence do actually elicit some laughs, it can get occasionally get excessive and distracting, especially given how light-hearted the show tends to be. The same can be somewhat said about the violence, too, but the show’s target audience likely won’t have an issue with it for the most part. However, the novelty of it all is in danger of wearing off quickly if the show leans into them too much. Be prepared for lots of blood, people biting things, getting bludgeoned, shot, set on fire and … well, the list goes on. But, honestly, it’s part of the draw and it’s perfectly suited to how comically insane Harley’s world is. There’s plenty of great gags, jokes and amazing performances, and, like the title character, Harley Quinn is smarter than it lets on, so prepared for some legitimate surprises.

Character designs in Harley Quinn are fantastic and are clearly inspired by DC Comics’ recent comic book output. Once she does away with the Batman: The Animated Series-created jester look, Harley dons a costume that’s ripped right from the character’s The New 52 rebooted look. It looks first-rate, though, as does the entire cast, thanks to the fantastic work by character designer Shane Glines (Justice League Action, Batman: The Animated Series) and animator Jennifer Coyle (DC Super Hero Girls, The Spectacular Spider-Man). The design for the frazzled, unhinged Commissioner Gordon is a personal favorite. For the rest of the cast, everyone is immediately identifiable with slight exaggerations or tweaks made to make them fit seamlessly into the show’s twistedly cartoonish style. Batman’s design, based on his armored-inspired look from The New 52, is perhaps a shade too busy, though.

The animation does right by the character designs, too, for the most part. Like the recent season of Young Justice: Outsiders, budgetary and resources constraints are pretty evident. Movements aren’t as smooth as they should be, and big action pieces are usually jerky and choppy, or lack the ‘oomph’ they should have. However, during the less action-intensive scenes, everything looks fine. Characters are expressive, thanks to the stellar design work, and aren’t as stiff as they are during some of the show’s bigger moments. It’s a mixed bag to be sure, but honestly, the roughness of the animation from time to time actually kind of adds to the show’s charm.

And while this review is focused on just the first episode, its worth noting that the remaining episodes in this first 13-episode are just as good, if not better. The story takes on a surprisingly serial nature, with just enough progression week-to-week mixed in with the new subplots and B-stories that pop up a long the way. And not only that, and akin to the likes of Batman: The Brave and The Bold or Justice League Action, this series actually pulls deep from the DC Comics lore and lovingly embraces it, though not without putting it through the ringer once or twice. There’s also a host of reoccurring characters and gags that are ridiculously hilarious and 13th episode cliffhanger that is guaranteed to surprise the heck out of the audience.

Harley Quinn, all things considered, is another win for the DC Universe streaming service. It’s a fun, crazy series littered with blood, gore and violence, but it’s also oddly upbeat and even positive. Harley is making her way in the world after breaking free of The Joker, but this world just happens to be a chaotic mess (it is Gotham City, after all). The over-the-top language and violence will be deterrents for some viewers looking, and it’s easy to understand why. It does sometimes feels a little too superfluous. However, those looking for some more adult-oriented animated adventures of their favorite Gotham City denizens will find plenty to like here. Cuoco, giving it her absolute all, leads an incredibly talented cast of actors, and the material they have to work with it pretty clever for the most part. Like the title character herself, Harley Quinn is leading DC Comics into uncharted animated territory and it’ll be intriguing to see where it goes. Recommended!

Harley Quinn is available on the DC Universe streaming service, with new episodes debuting every Friday. Continue below for additional images and videos!

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Teen Titans: The Complete Series

Young Justice: Outsiders - The Complete Third Season

Warner Archive and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment describes the collections as follows:

Young Justice: Outsiders – The Complete Third Season (Nov. 26)
Our heroes have survived the schemes of the Light and saved the Earth from the Reach Invasion – but the worst has yet to come. Now someone is kidnapping teens and transforming them into super-powered weapons! Meta-Human trafficking is a terrifying threat to a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy. Now Nightwing, Superboy, Miss Martian, Tigress, Aqualad and Black Lightning will need help from a new group of young heroes to save the world from the war games of Super-Villains controlling the system from the inside. What’s needed … is a team of Outsiders.

Teen Titans: The Complete Series (Dec. 3)
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“Harley Quinn” DC Universe Animated Series Trailer, Episode Details Released

The DC Universe streaming service has released the final trailer for Harley Quinn, the upcoming animated series exclusive to the streaming service. The mature animated series from Warner Bros. Animation and DC Universe, which will release new episodes every Friday, debuts Nov. 29, 2019. In the series, Harley has finally broken things off with the Joker and decides make it on her own as Gotham City’s new criminal overlord. Check out the final Harley Quinn trailer in the player below, followed by details for the first 13 episodes of the DC Universe series.

Episode details are as follows:

Till Death Do Us Part
Premiere Date: 11/29/19
In the series premiere, Harley Quinn strikes out on her own.

A High Bar
Premiere Date: 12/6/19
Harley is determined to become part of the Legion of Doom.

So You Need A Crew
Premiere Date: 12/13/19
Harley attempts to recruit a criminal crew.

Finding Mr. Right
Premiere Date: 12/20/19
Up-and-coming supervillain Harley Quinn goes after a nemesis.

Being Harley Quinn
Premiere Date: 12/27/19
Harley’s crew has to enter her mind to save her.

You’re A Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon
Premiere Date: 1/3/20
Clayface loses his (sentient) arm in a heist gone wrong.

The Line
Premiere Date: 1/10/20
Harley breaks the Queen of Fables out of prison.

Premiere Date: 1/17/20
Harley gets a party invite from the Legion of Doom.

A Seat At The Table
Premiere Date: 1/24/20
Harley must now spend time with Joker at the Legion of Doom.

Premiere Date: 1/31/20
Harley heads back to her parents’ house in Bensonhurst.

Harley Quinn Highway
Premiere Date: 2/7/20
Harley must rescue Ivy from the clutches of Scarecrow.

Devil’s Snare
Premiere Date: 2/14/20
Harley believes the Legion of Doom is behind Ivy’s capture.

The Final Joke

Premiere Date: 2/21/20
Harley has her final showdown with the Joker.

DC Universe describes the series as follows:

Harley has finally broken things off with the Joker and attempts to make it on her own as the criminal Queenpin of Gotham City. Join DC Universe to watch this action-comedy series featuring Poison Ivy and a whole cast of heroes and villains from the DC Universe.

Harley Quinn debuts Nov. 29, 2019 on the DC Universe streaming service, with new episodes to drop every week on Fridays. Additionally, in Canada, Harley Quinn will debut on the Adult Swim Canada channel on Sunday Dec. 8, 2019, with new episodes to air on a weekly basis. Stay tuned for select Harley Quinn coverage in the coming months right here at The World’s Finest.

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“Harley Quinn” Animated Series Debuts Nov. 29, 2019 On DC Universe, “BizarroTV” Series Announced

Warner Bros. Animation and DC Universe announced the upcoming Harley Quinn animated series will debut Nov. 29, 2019 on the DC Universe streaming service. The premiere date was announced at the annual New York Comic-Con. Also announced was a mixed media BizarroTV anthology series, upcoming titles coming to DC Universe and more. Continue below for the press release.


Additional Live Action and Animated Shows Coming from Blue Ribbon Content to the Subscription Platform in 2020
Open Call for Unscripted Video Pitches and Launch of a New Robust Fan Community Initiative Rounded Out the Announcements During New York Comic-Con

DC Universe continues to deliver new content, robust community engagement, and real-world experiences to its members. During the grand opening reception of a new, pop-up activation titled, DCU HQ, the subscription service highlighted updates to the platform and previewed new content coming in 2020.

Timed to New York Comic-Con, the DCU HQ also includes an art retrospective dedicated to Harley Quinn and the character’s colorful history throughout animation, comics and film titled The Fantabulous Evolution of One Harley Quinn Gallery. Included in the gallery space are props from the hotly anticipated film Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn), in theaters February 7, 2020, from Warner Bros. Pictures: her fan-favorite Mallet, Harley Grenades, Fur-Covered Brass Knuckles, Black and Red Roller Skates donned by Harley Quinn herself for a hard-hitting Roller Derby scene, and many more never-before-displayed items.

In addition, many original art pieces are on display including, a development sketch of Harley Quinn for her first appearance in “Joker’s Favor”; original cel art from Batman: the Animated Series; comic book covers by Amanda Conner, Rachel Dodson and Jim Lee among others; plus original art by Bruce Timm and Amanda Conner created exclusively for the pop-up gallery.

The opening night festivities included a presentation featuring a line-up of DC executives, artists, producers and even Krypto was on hand, the fan-favorite super dog who will soon be appearing on the DC Universe original series Titans. The evening got underway with artist Jim Lee, DC’s Chief Creative Officer and Publisher, creating live art on the walls within The Fantabulous Evolution of One Harley Quinn Gallery. Timelapse video available in the media kit.


Harley Quinn Debuts on November 29!

Executive Producers Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker were on hand to officially announce the premiere date for the original adult-animated comedy series Harley Quinn. DC artist Amanda Conner was on hand as well to share her inspiration to create some of the art that inspired the animated series. Her art is featured within the immersive pop-up installation at DCU HQ.

BizarroTV from Blue Ribbon Content

DC Universe announced a new anthology series, titled BizarroTV, that will feature fan favorite characters from the more obscure corners of the DC universe. This mixed media series is coming to DC Universe in 2020. Produced by Blue Ribbon Content, Warner Bros. Television Group’s digital production unit, this new show demonstrates the Television Group’s commitment to create original and compelling programs for the digital marketplace. Blue Ribbon taps into the Studio’s established creative team, while also identifying new and innovative talent to deliver cutting-edge series in the short form format. A showcase of experimental styles and creative voices and visions that will be a mix of live action and animation; deep cuts from the DC portfolio of characters such as Space Cabbie, Ambush Bug, Slam Bradley and the Creeper!

New Home Entertainment Releases

More WB Home Entertainment releases will be coming to DC Universe in 2020, particularly because the movies have been so popular with members. The most watched movie on the DC Universe to-date is the animated original Reign of the Supermen, which debuted on the service January 29, 2019. Due to its popularity, even more home entertainment movies will be coming in 2020, including Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, Superman: Red Son and Justice League Dark: Apocalypse. These original animated movies will be available on DC Universe just 90 days after their physical release date.


DCYou Unscripted

In another fan first, DC Universe unveiled a partnership that – for the first time – provides DCU members the opportunity to create an unscripted series that has the opportunity to launch on DC Universe.

“Since the launch of this service just over a year ago, we’ve established a community that has far exceeded our ambitions. We’ve hosted unforgettable member events – creating places and spaces where fans could have a voice. We’re working to take it to a whole new level in our second year by giving our fans an opportunity to submit their own concepts for an unscripted show that will potentially become a series on DC Universe next year,” commented DC Universe Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sam Ades.

Abe Mohammadione, Vice President of Creative & Production for Ideas United, presented the new initiative designed to harness the creativity and talent of DC fans and unleash a new unscripted concept and video series. DC Universe, in association with Ideas United, kicked off DCYou Unscripted, inviting emerging creators and dedicated fans alike to submit unscripted series ideas, drawing on all things DC.

New Community Engagement

Many DC Universe members are familiar with Jackie Cole as the Community and Rewards Manager and oft-moderator in the DC Universe community. She provided an overview of the new features launching on DC Universe this month. New features will be available to members starting on October 23, 2019 as a part of “Community Week”, a special event for members on the service. It will include special guests and top-notch creators from comics, TV, animation, and more, who will join the fun by participating in Q&As, book club discussions, live Watch-Alongs with behind-the-scenes insights and deep dive explorations of the shows and scripts. Community week will kick off with a Q&A with Titans series star, Anna Diop.

The upgrade is a meaningful evolution of the platform in direct response to member feedback. The new features will give fans more opportunities to interact, participate in live Q&A’s with DC talent, find their niche fandom with comic book and fan clubs, earn badges and level up for even more exciting opportunities and exclusive rewards.

“DC Universe is designed to deliver an unparalleled experience in video, comics and conversations with the intent to give fans a voice and a shared sense of place in the DC world,” said Ades. “Now, in its second year of service, our plans to evolve have turned to breaking down barriers between fans and creators and fulfilling our promise to deliver the ultimate fan experience digitally online and offline.”

Comic Books

Jim Lee wrapped up the evening with a rundown of data pulled from comics readership patterns on the service. DC Universe members have read over 9.5 Million comics on the platform to date, just over this inaugural year. That’s about 395,000 comic books read each month! With the ability to read comics page-by-page or auto-play on a big screen – members are guzzling comics on the service.

The top comic on DCU is DC Universe: Rebirth No. 1 (2016). And it is no surprise that The New Teen Titans (1980) No. 1 comes in as the second most-read comic.

Speaking of favorite characters, the titles most read on the service coincide with hard-to-find classics, including Batman from 1940, as well as Injustice: Gods Among Us from 2013. Here are the top five books that dominate:

Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013)
Batman (1940)
Batman (2016)
Batman (2011)
Injustice 2 (2017)

News Recap: Coming Soon to DC Universe

-Original animated series Harley Quinn will debut on November 29, 2019.
BizarroTV is a new anthology series created in partnership with Blue Ribbon Content which will be exclusive mixed media content provided specifically for DC Universe.
-Home video releases coming to DC Universe in 2020 include: Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, Superman: Red Son and Justice League Dark: Apocalypse.
-New community features will launch during “Community Week” on October 24, 2019
-DC Universe in partnership with Ideas United announced DCYou Unscripted, inviting emerging creators and dedicated fans alike to submit unscripted series ideas, drawing on all things DC.

-Artist Amanda Conner unveiled a new Harley Quinn original art piece created exclusively for The Fantabulous Evolution of One Harley Quinn Gallery immersive pop-up installation at DCU HQ. Conner also revealed the cover art for a new Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey comic book coming in February 2020.

DC Universe is a first-of-its kind digital subscription service that fans can join today to stream highly-acclaimed original series, watch animated and live action films and series, and read more than 23,000 digital comic books that span 80 years of iconic stories. It is a membership like no other, designed for DC fans, an experience in video, comics and community that provides a shared place to gather around all things DC. With exclusive member rewards and merchandise, an exclusive daily DC news show and a thriving community fans can watch, read, shop, connect and explore like never before for only $7.99 per month or $74.99 annually (plus taxes, where applicable). DC Universe is available in the U.S. on, Amazon Tablets and Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromebook, iOS, the Roku platform, Xbox One as well as the web and mobile web. To learn more and purchase today, visit dcuniverse.com and follow DC Universe on social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. DC Universe is not intended for children.

DC is one of the largest English-language publishers of comics and graphic novels in the world and home to some of the most iconic and recognizable characters ever created. As a creative unit of WarnerMedia, DC is charged with strategically integrating its stories and characters across film, television, consumer products, home entertainment, interactive games and the DC Universe subscription streaming service. For more information visit dccomics.com.

Harley Quinn debuts Nov. 29, 2019 on the DC Universe streaming service. Stay tuned for select Harley Quinn coverage in the coming months right here at The World’s Finest.

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DC Universe Renews “Young Justice” For Fourth Season, Releases New “Harley Quinn” Trailer

Announced at the San Diego Comic-Con 2019 DC Universe panel, the critically-acclaimed fan favorite animated series Young Justice has been renewed for a fourth season on the streaming service. The third season of the series, titled Young Justice: Outsiders, is currently airing. Additionally, DC Universe released a new trailer promoting the upcoming Harley Quinn animated series.

Young JusticeDC Universe announced that production on the fourth season of Young Justice is currently underway. Producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti and Character Designer Phil Bourassa are all confirmed to be involved, and plotting and writing for the season has already begun. An expected airdate, and the sub-title for the fourth season, have not yet been announced. Talent from the series’ previous three seasons are also expected to return. Young Justice: Outsiders debuted earlier this year on DC Universe, and the series is described as follows:

The teenage Super Heroes of the DC Universe come of age in an animated world of super-powers, Super-Villains and super secrets in Young Justice: Outsiders, the highly anticipated new take on Warner Bros. Animation’s popular Young Justice series. The team faces its greatest challenge yet as it takes on meta-human trafficking and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy.

Continuing, a new trailer for the forthcoming Harley Quinn animated series also debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. The adult-oriented comedic series is expected to debut before the end of 2019 on the streaming service. DC Universe says the animated series follows Harley as she breaks things off with the Joker and attempts to make it on her own as the criminal “queenpin” of Gotham City. Check out the trailer in the player below.

Stay tuned right here for further details and updates on Young Justice: Outsiders and for select coverage on Harley Quinn. For more Young Justice videos, images, episode reviews and exclusive content, check out the The World’s Finest Young Justice subsite! Click on the link below to discuss the news.

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