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Beware The Batman
#8 - Allies

Original Airdate - September 14th, 2013
Tobias Whale (Michael Leon Wooley) is the most powerful gangster in Gotham City, and, after years of trying, Batman just got the evidence to put him away. But Whale is not going to be harpooned easily. After his lawyer tells Lieutenant Gordon to free Whale or else, the gangster has Barbara Gordon (Tara Strong) kidnapped and held in "The Cauldron," the most dangerous part of Gotham. Even the cops are afraid of this place, but not Batman. With Alfred and Katana's help, they stage a raid on the Cauldron, which is populated by a frightening group of thugs called "the Ghosts." As it turns out, the Ghosts aren't the most fearsome threat. Barbara Gordon is being guarded by a dangerous figure with a flaming head, who calls himself Phosphorous Rex.

Written by Erin Maher & Kathryn Reindl
Directed by Rick Morales
Media by The World's Finest



Analysis by Yojimbo:

It was great to see confirmed what happened to Stagg after "Toxic" and that led to his warehouses getting raided of inventory. It was also a nice bit to have the last of Whale's goons immediately surrender when he was gung-ho to fight Batman in "Broken." Mentions of the Argus Club, League of Assassins, Humpty Dumpty, and the Ion Cortex were nice extra nods. The continuity is nicely falling into place.

When Tatsu was complaining about the big red suit, I had to laugh when she mentioned trying to move a finger. I think I know which one.

The whole fire motif was cute. Milo Match turned to be Phosphorus Rex and they had to enter the Cauldron.

Also, I loved the set up for the Batsignal. That was awesome. It also doubled as a way to see into Babara's mindset. Batman's reaction to the Batsignal was hilarious to me for some reason. Also hilarious was Barbara's commentary when Milo was making his deal with the Ghosts, Batman and Katana's tomato dialogue, Milo's line about "the sidekick didn't last long," "Grapnel" correction and Gordon's "Never" at the end. There were a bunch of funny bits peppered in with action in this episode come to think about it. Really great balance, in my opnion.

I think that was a reference to Clancy O'Hara when the officer told Gordon "the chief wants tactical in on this," unless there's another police chief in the comics.

Three gripes - 1) Really Tatsu, you're going to conceal your identity with just a domino mask? Lame. 2) Also, when Batman and Katana enter the last warehouse. There's no way they could have punched the goon so hard into the hangar door it would topple over. They ain't Superman, those doors ain't that flimsy, and that guy would be dead from the punch. Yes, that was a cool entrance but in terms of the force needed to generate, I don't think Batman and Katana could have done it to the goon. 3) I get that it looks like both James and Barbara Gordon are workaholic parents but is Mrs. Gordon ever home?! I guess people leave their children home alone even in Gotham City.

Looking ahead, I guess Batman Begins was still in my memory but when Batman and Alfred talked about how the Cauldron came about because of Gotham's financial crisis... I couldn't help but wonder if Ra's al Ghul was also responsible for it in this universe. Also, I wonder if they used 'no man's land' on purpose to second as a nod to the popular 2000s comic book arc. And Batman warning Katana about her ego. Foreshadowing? And Batman's cuffing of Gordon. Loved that plan, really sets up how their relationship will play out as Gordon gets more and more comfortable working with him. Almost felt like the writers were doing their own homage to the end of The Dark Knight.

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