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Day of the Dark Knight!
Original Airdate - January 2nd, 2009
In this episode, the evil Morgan Le Fey has taken over Camelot and turned everyone to stone! To thwart her plans, Merlin transports Batman and Green Arrow back in time to retrieve Excalibur, defeat Etriga, battle dragons and return King Arthur to the Throne! In the teaser, Guy Gardner teams up with Batman to stop a criminal riot at Green Lantern Corp.

Written by J.M. Dematteis
Directed by Ben Jones
Animation by MOI Animation
Review by Andrew
Media provided by Warner Bros. Animation
Diedrich Bader as Batman
Dee Bradley Baker as Jason Blood / Etrigan
David McCallum as Merlin
James Arnold Taylor as Green Arrow / Guy Gardner
Tatyana Yassukovich as Morgaine le Fey

Theme Written and Performed by Andy Strumer
Music by Michael McCuisition, Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter

In this quirky and fun episode we first find Batman all the way through space on the Green Lantern home world of Oa, helping out the infamously hot-headed Guy Gardner. Despite Batmanís warnings Gardner insists on picking up a diminutive alien escorted by the always popular and towering Kilowog. Eventually Gardner exposes the creature to liquid that causes it to get larger and far more vicious, in so doing it begins to wreak havoc throughout the facility including the lunch room. Though hilarious and fun, it is puzzling that with so many great Green Lanterns present such as the esteemed Chíp cannot manage to take the creature down. Itís only until Batman gets involved does the situation become resolved. Granted, Batman is the highlight of the show, but it was rather disappointing to see the Green Lanterns dumbed down a bit. This opening - as usual - has nothing to do with the rest of the episode.

The main plot of the episode starts off with Batman responding to a jailbreak and several inmates with familiar faces (some more than others) fleeing to freedom. Among them are several cameo appearances from the golden days of the Adam West Batman. To our delight Batman gets help in the form of the illustrious Green Arrow, speeding in on the most inconveniently shaped and sized vehicle ever. Seriously, there is no way it fits in one lane. Of course, Batman has a fond friendship with the Green Arrow as they pass back and forth friendly barbs (or arrows?) regarding who can capture the most. Batman in his internal thoughts admits the childishness of it, which actually helped what would have otherwise been a strange and disappointing aspect of their team-up.

After theyíve recaptured all the criminals and are going over their headcount, an elderly inmate makes his late run, but as they attempt to apprehend him he transports them into the past and reveals that heís Merlin. This is all fun and fascinating; however, it was a bit annoying that they never explained not only what he was doing in the prison, but also as to why he was running -away- from them? Although Green Arrow doesnít take him seriously, he goes on to explain that Camelot was attacked by King Arthurís half-sister Morgaine Le Fey, in which neither him nor Merlin were a match for and all people of Camelot were turned to stone. Supposedly the two are deemed worthy to rescue Camelot from itís stone-cold fate by retrieving the sword from the stone, but Merlin doesnít say which one it is.

Morgaine, keeping a watchful eye over all of this, sends the demon Etrigan to stop them from reaching Excalibur. When Etrigan proves no match for the trio, Morgaine decides to up the stakes by possessing Batman and giving him the coolest set of armor ever. This causes conflict obviously as he battles against his friend Green Arrow, however, Batman manages to overcome the spell. Neither one is worthy enough to remove Excalibur by himself, but the two of them remove it together and thus defeat Morgaine. Overall itís a pretty entertaining episode and keeps the show surprisingly decent despite mostly keeping the maturity in the overtones. The animation continues to be surprising at times as it wants you to believe itís yet another simplistic style, yet it still manages to give plenty of detail. Too bad the same couldnít be said about the CGI, which there is fortunately none of in this episode. Also, that Bat-armor was flipping awesome.

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