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A Bat Divided!
Original Airdate - February 5th, 2010
A school field trip goes awry when Dr. Double X causes a lab explosion that fuses slacker science teacher Ronnie to his genius pupil Jason, creating the reluctant hero Firestorm...and unbeknownst them, it leaves Batman divided into three parts!

Written by Thomas Pugsley
Directed by Ben Jones
Animation by Digital eMation Inc.
Review by Andrew
Media by Warner Bros. Animation
Diedrich Bader as Batman
Tom Everett Scott as Booster Gold
John Michael Higgins as Riddler
Tyler James Williams as Firestorm, Jason
Bill Fagerbakke as Ronnie
Greg Ellis as Computer Voice/Cavalier/Nuclear Engineer
Ron Perlman as Double X/Dr. Ecks

Theme Written and Performed by Andy Strumer
Music by Michael McCuisition, Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter

Batmanís classic cache of villains have certainly been left in the backseat when it comes to Brave and the Bold, but they eventually make their way in. This time itís the notorious quirky quiz master, The Riddler, finding his debut - after since season 1ís manifestation in ďLegend of the Dark Mite!Ē Unfortunately, itís only a mere teaser that he gets to debut in, and in this he has our Dark Knight captured with his life relying on Booster Goldís knowledge. You have to hand it to the Riddler, thatís a pretty certain death trap. Well, almost certain. Itís a mostly entertaining teaser in general, but itís disappointing in a couple of ways. First, itís somewhat disheartening to see the Riddler underused, as the character really hasnít had much of a decent romp in animated form since the good olí days of Batman: The Animated Series. Secondly, thereís Booster Gold. Booster himself is the usual fun with his egocentric quirkiness, but itís not the same without the presence of Skeets. Skeets is seen, but never gets to speak due to, admittedly, a hilarious use of mere cloth in order to gag the poor thing, despite the lack of a mouth. Overall, itís fun, but nothing spectacular.

The same is pretty much true for the main story, in which weíre introduced to not only the strange villain Dr. Eckz, and his literally split personality Double-X, as well the flame-headed hero known as Firestorm. Each of these characters is pretty well done, but the episode doesnít entirely sit well with me. Its use of people dividing and recombining seems inconsistent and a bit lazily random each time that itís involved. For example, Jason Rusch being given the Firestorm costume by Batman, only to have it disappear, and reappear, when it really shouldnít have disappeared in the first place. The use Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch at the same time is done in an interesting way, but itís strange that Ronnie isnít the first Firestorm.

Despite having issues with the story and its plot devices, the episode is still an entertaining watch in regard to character usage. Ronnie and Jasonís clashing in personality, and the mixture of serious, slacker and steroids Batmans never comes off as too cheesy.or comedically pandersome, both situations are well executed. Furthermore, the depiction of Firestormís abilities is undeniably cool. The episode also gains significant bonus points for sneaking in the original Star Trek seriesí ambient bridge sound effect for Batmanís radiation scanner. Overall, itís not amazing, but still a fun episode.

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