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The Super-Batman of Planet X!
Original Airdate - February 12th, 2010 (Online ); March 26th, 2010 (US Cable)
Batman lands on this distant planet Zurr En Arrh and finds a doppelganger Batman, but more surprisingly, on this planet the Caped Crusader has super powers! Together they battle the mad genius Rhotul, who soon learns Batman's super weakness.

Written by Adam Beechen
Directed by Michael Goguen
Animation by Lotto Animation
Review by Andrew
Media by Warner Bros. Animation
Diedrich Bader as Batman
James Arnold Taylor as Green Arrow/Alpha-Red
Corey Burton as Doc Magnus/Mercury/Zor-Gonn
Marc Worden as Kanjar Ro
Hynden Walch as Platina
Clancy Brown as Rohtul
Dana Delany as Vilsi
Kevin Conroy as Batman 2

Theme Written and Performed by Andy Strumer
Music by Michael McCuisition, Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter

Not quite hot on the heels of Clash of the Metal Men, but fairly close, we're treated to a mini-adventure with the aspiring alloys. If you didn't get enough of them in their own episode, this feels like a fine dessert to finish off the introduction to superhero solids - but this dessert has an extra topping. Aside from the Metal Men, their creator Dr. Magnus, we're treated to an unmasking of our beloved titular hero through his invented criminal persona of Matches Malone. A pleasant surprise all around, and despite the use of the lackluster villain Kanjar Ro it's a great teaser, especially when the Metal Men start popping out of the most unexpected places.

The teaser certainly set the bar for the episode, and the main story met it equally, even though it would have been preferable to see it push past it. It's mostly brought down in it's quality by the opening of the episode, which just didn't feel right at all with Batman and Green Arrow chasing down space pirates. It was humorous, of course, as any appearance by Green Arrow tends to be, but when it comes to space enforcement you simply can't get past expecting the Green Lantern Corps. The Corps frequently feels poorly represented throughout the series whether it's Batman showing them up, the entire Corps hiding when faced with danger, or simply ignoring them all together. My other problem with the opening stems from the use of the multiverse, although not the multiverse itself. Rather, the lack of any mention about season 1's involvement with an alternate Batman, whether through curiosity or caution, given that Owlman was pretty evil. Yet, our Batman immediately trusts his alternate self. It was simply a chance for a good nod to continuity, and it ignored it. Oh well.

From the point that Batman gets there to the end of the episode fairs better as it's not only entertaining with plenty of nods to quirky opposite extremes of the world of… Superman, but applied to Batman, but with plenty of Superman still in there. But, it also approaches the question of whether or not Batman could fight temptation to take full advantage of a Superman's powers, and unfortunately for the Dark Knight, we find that he does indeed succumb to the temptation of losing discipline. The episode is further helped in it's redemption by the use of the pinnacle voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy. Even though it's practically surreal - or at least as surreal as Brave as the Bold can get compared to Conroy's guest spot on "The Venture Bros." - it's great to have his involvement in this spin on Batman. Plus it's got one of the show's best jokes ever (see below)! Recommended!

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