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Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Original Airdate - May 19th, 2012

Hal and the Green Lanterns travel to one of the Ancient Wonders of the Galaxy the Lighthouse so they can seal off any path through The Maelstrom and prevent the Red Lantern armada from getting through. Atrocitus, the Red Lantern leader, sets a trap for Hal and manages to steal the ship so that he may finally have his vengeance on the Guardians.

Written by Ernie Altbacker
Directed by Rick Morales
Review by Gervaise B-A



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An armada of Red Lantern ships are heading towards the Lighthouse. The Interceptor speeds ahead to access the Lighthouse and destroy it. It's a race to Oa.

With more at stake than ever before, the crew of the Interceptor journey to the Lighthouse, only to find Red Lanterns ready to greet them. Unable to access the Lighthouse directly, Hal reluctantly accepts Aya's request to sneak into the Lighthouse. When the crew seem to gain the upper hand, Atrocitus comes after them himself with many tricks up his sleeve that leave the Lanterns with 'their pants down' as Kilowog puts it, many times leading to an outstanding cliffhanger ending. On the other hand, Saint Walker requests the name of the savior meant to defeat the Red Lanterns, unaware of the truth that Mogo retains.

Throughout this story, many delightful interactions are displayed from Razer's sarcastic nature to Kilowog's range of emotions (including excitement and distress) to Atrocitus' vicious treatment of Zilius Zox. None of this is new to the show, but rather reinforces the excellent characterization of this series. Some characters show a clear path of development as Hal states that Aya is no longer a rookie. Other characters look to have a bright future ahead of them as Saint Walker becomes acquainted with the Blue Lantern Power Battery Ganthet used to save the Interceptor crew. Yet some characters still make mistakes as Razer fails to recognize a typical Red Lantern trap.

Once again, all cylinders are firing, as the action, CG, voice acting, writing, and score are all superb as usual. The race sequence with Atrocitus and the Lanterns is exhilarating. The action during the ambush is joyous to watch. The writers really have a grip on the limitations of the animation, and use it to their advantage. Additionally, the score by Frederik Wiedmann ties everything together.

Heading towards the end of this half of the season's finale, do yourself a favor and watch this.

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