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Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Original Airdate - October 6th, 2012

Hal tries to reassemble the team in order to take on a new threat- the Anti-Monitor.

Written by Mark Hoffmeier
Directed by Sam Liu
Review by RoyalRubble



This was another awesome episode. Apparently a week has passed since the last episode and Hal together with Tomar-Re have been patrolling the Universe as members of the Honor Guard until they come across a temple with Manhunters inside, similar to the one we saw last time, on Earth. Believing there are many other sleeper cells such as these, the Guardians agree to send Hal investigate this matter further. But for this, Hal's going to need some help, meaning the return of Kilowog and Aya, as well as the Interceptor ship and this time the heroes have permission to use it. I would have liked to see Razer return too, but I'm sure we'll see him again at some point and I guess that adding him here would have been too much for a single episode. But I wonder where he is or what he's up to; according to Hal, he's on a sabbatical, though that might have been just an excuse he came up with to tell Aya.

Kilowog was in fine shape here; pretty much all his scenes were awesome. Since the end of the previous season he's gone back to his job as a drill instructor for Green Lanterns, which is "precious", as Hal puts it. While he claims to be happy with his job and doesn't really want to join Hal on his new mission, Kilowog does agree to have a wager: if Hal manages to defeat his top recruit he'll come back to the team. Enter Ch'p, a small anthropomorphic squirrel wearing a power ring and apparently Kilowog's best student. The fight between Hal and Ch'p was awesome - as well as hilarious. Seeing the little squirrel beating Hal so easily was a real treat. Even though Hal lost, Kilowog agrees to accompany him on his mission, mentioning that he was planning on going anyway, but that he just wanted to see Hal fight the squirrel. Something which I'm guessing pretty much every viewer out there should thank him for. I was hoping Ch'p would join their mission as well, just like Tomar-Re apparently has.

Getting Aya back was a bit trickier - she was replaced as the AI system for the Interceptor with another, annoying system (whose name I didn't understand or even know how to type), dubbed Lame-O by Hal. And with good reason: he lacks any of the charm Aya has. They soon learn Aya was about to be dissected so they have to start a rescue operation, a pretty awesome one at that. Kilowog provides a distraction for the Green Lantern guard (Larvox) by staging a surprise inspection. That was pretty funny. Meanwhile, Hal distracts another Green Lantern, this time I'm guessing a sort of scientist, Chaselon. Hal using the secret identity of Sir Jetsalot (or however you spell it) keeps him busy in a pretty hilarious way; they seemed to bond pretty well in that short scene and while Hal was mostly lying to him, I hope to see more of Chaselon. He seemed pretty cool. Meanwhile Ch'p sneaks in and replaces Aya's data core with Lame-O's. Aya is returned to the ship, but without a body, at least for now. I doubt she'll get a redesign in the next episodes but her old body would be good enough. Also, she's been reactivated for like two seconds, and the first thing she asks about is, where is Razer. Not too surprising, considering how their "relationship" developed during the first season. Though I wonder why exactly the Guardians were planning on dissecting her in the first place and I'm guessing that as soon as they realize they were tricked Hal will be in even more trouble.

The Manhunter temples we saw here and in the previous episode are revealed to actually be factories, where the Manhunters are being built. The heroes track the signal that reactivated the androids to the planet Biot, where they have to fight a seemingly endless army of Manhunters, but they manage to escape with Aya's help. But then they come face to face with the Anti-Monitor who reveals that his Manhunters slaves are there to aid him on his mission of destruction; he plans to reduce all planets to anti-matter, which he will then feast on. He turns his attention on the Green Lanterns he sees and proves to be much too powerful for all of them. And the episode ends with a pretty awesome cliffhanger, with Hal getting caught in Anti-Monitor's blast and getting evaporated, apparently sacrificing himself so that the others could escape. It should be obvious to anyone he didn't die, but we don't know yet what exactly happened to him.

Overall, it was an awesome episode. We got to meet a couple of more cool Green Lanterns (some I never heard of before), some cool action scenes but also some pretty hilarious moments as well. Probably the best mix of action and comedy this show offered us so far. Definitely looking forward to the next episodes - just like during the first season, this show just keeps getting better and better and I find myself enjoying it more and more.



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