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Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Steam Lantern

Original Airdate - January 5th, 2013

Knocked into the Antimatter Universe, Hal lands on a steampunk world. There, he meets the idealistic Steam Lantern, who patterns himself after the Green Lanterns. With help from his new allies, Hal must find a way back home before the Anti-monitor destroys his universe!

Written by Ernie Altbacker
Directed by Rick Morales
Review by Neo Yi



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Okay, this is all from memory since the last I saw this was the itunes release, but it's another winner for me. "Steam Lantern's" design schematics of its alternate Victorian setting usually wouldn't reach me (I think steampunk/Victorian time period is overrated and I'm frankly tired of seeing it everywhere), but I love the aesthetic and feel of it. I like the goggles on Lady Catherine's head, the top hat the villain wears (also with goggles!), and heck, Steam Lantern looks pretty decent in that psuedo superhero/pilot/Rocketeer garb he's got going. I think why I find the visuals so pleasing is that it doesn't delve into the typical Gothic portion of Victorian era that lot of media frustratingly delves into, settling for a nice sepia-toned color instead of cool grays and blacks. Granted, that means there's an awful lot of browns, but the atmosphere still works fantastically. It especially makes Hal stand out more.

Also, I love, love, loooove that Nigel doesn't fall under his trappings and ends up dead or captured because of his own doings. I think it's much more interesting to realize the story between truth and lies amongst Steam Lantern and Nigel is a lot more complicated and different than anyone expected. It's a great twist and really strengthens these characters. I'm really hoping we get to see these guys in future episodes.

I love their suggestion that they all have a final round of tea before their planet dies. That got a kick out of me.



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