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Green Lantern: The Animated Series
"Prisoner of Sinestro"

Original Airdate - January 19th, 2013
Hal Jordan loves having Sinestro around because, at heart, the senior Lantern is a rule-bender, when the situation calls for it something Hal entirely understands. But when Sinestro starts behaving erratically, Hal has no choice but to lock him up.

Written by Mark Hoffmeier
Directed by Sam Liu
Review by Wonderwall

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It was a good episode. Really good introduction for Sinestro who has had a bit of a scatter shot track record in animation. I thought Ron did great in the role something I wasn't quite sure about for some reason. I guess I always expect him to be big burly types but he had a lot of understated menace especially in that last scene. I too liked his escape from the science cell. I was hoping that would happen but I wasn't sure they would so I ended up being pleasantly surprised. I also liked that Hal was almost starstruck by him while Kilo was leery. I've been in Kilo's position but the difference is he actually has a reason to be

If nothing else the big guy is persistent. Still trying to tell Hal how to do things even though Hal's more than proven himself. Poor Aya, Razer should know better than to ignore a lady like that. It only makes a weirder situation worse. However I don't think Aya was even considering the type of reaction Razer gave her later. It was sad seeing her being disappointed when she realized that Razer wasn't of right of mind but I assume some of that was real for Razer.

I actually didn't think of Kraang( or the Kraang for the kids watching the new TMNT ) when I saw the Neuroxsis but now that Yojimbo brought that up I can't help but think it too. Guess we should have guessed from his name that he could mind control. Quite a bit of death in this. Not just his execution from Sinestro but the Spider Guild guys didn't make it out of the frigate did they.

I think the only negative I had is that this was the third straight episode that doesn't really continue the Anti Monitor story. Steam Lantern was a continuation of Hal being blown away and his origin so to speak, Blue Hope gave us a added wrinkle in the Blue Lanterns can power up the Manhunters, this one though didn't really have anything. It's good that at least they at least mentioned it but hopefully they get back to it in the next episode.

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