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Green Lantern: The Animated Series - Volume Two
Original Score from the DC Comics Animated Television Series

Composer: Frederik Wiedmann
Studio: La-La Land Records
Street Date: July 2nd, 2013
Track Listing:
1. Igniting Ceremony 1:29
2. New Life 1:28
3. The Final Battle 2:56
4. Breaking In 2:48
5. Halís Promotion 1:09
6. The Origin of Aya 1:28
7. Breaking Through 1:38
8. Goblin Bribe 1:15
9. The Ultimate Sacrifice 3:03
10. Dark Revelation 1:48
11. Hal vs. The Anti-Monitor 2:38
12. Steam Mechs 1:28
13. Through Universes 2:55
14. Reunion 2:01
15. Scissors Beats Rock 1:32
16. Aya 1:57
17. The Legend of the Orange Lanterns 1:45
18. Chased by Goblins 1:18
19. Transformed 2:05
20. Wakeup Call 2:06
21. Vogra Beasts 2:19
22. Razerís Mission 1:49
23. Ghiaítaís Sacrifice 1:09
24. Volkreg 1:30
25. Aya Faces the Anti-Monitor 2:04
26. Carol Keeps the Ring 2:10
27. Secret Sanctum 2:18
28. Big Guns 2:17
29. Aya Returns 1:42
30. The Last Stand Above Ysmault 1:37
31. Red Rescue 2:35
32. Dawn of Time 2:06
33. Relentless Machines 1:49
34. Love Prevails 2:01
35. Final Orders 1:16
36. The Last Stand 2:14
37. Renewed Hope 5:49

Total Album Time: 76:31

Synopsis: Presenting the original score to the acclaimed hit DC animated series Green Lantern - The Animated Series, currently airing on Cartoon Network. Composer Frederik Wiedmann fashions an amazing, pulse-pounding original score that propels the legendary Green Lantern to out-of-this-world heights. Packed with more than 70 minutes of thrilling super hero music from some of the show's greatest moments!

By James Harvey

To get it out of the way, this second score collection for Green Lantern: The Animated Series starts of perfectly. "Igniting Ceremony" is such an apt way to kick off a fine, fine release highlighting more of Frederik Wiedmann's great work for the short-lived, excellent CG-animated series.

Much like the last release, Wiedmann gives us classic sci-fi and superhero fare mixed, but adds in a little bit of a somber undertone. Things feel a little more darker this time around, and you get that impression through the score work. Things feel a bit more weighty, a bit more epic. Listen to that "Hal Versus The Anti-Monitor" track ... you can pretty much feel the weight of that track on your shoulders. And it sounds a bit more refined and on point here. I don't mean that the first soundtrack was all over the place - it wasn't. There was just a lot of action and recurring themes, much like this collection. What's different are the subtle nuances that accentuate the slight differences in each circumstances.

What helps makes this soundtrack sound so on point, so heavy, is the use of beats and theme hints in some of the bigger, epic tracks. Add on some unique musical styling, usually through the use of some very clever instrumentation, and the scope of these tracks just become that much bigger. "Transformed" is a great example of just how massive Weidmann can make these moments by adding some of his unique flourishes to the soundtrack. And it's these neat touches that actually give Green Lantern: The Animated Series probably one of the most unique soundtracks to date.

In fact, the only times things really lighten up is when we take a quick turn into the "Steam Lantern" episode which, even then, feels a bit more weighty than you'd think it would. You feel the stakes, but the darker undertones don't seem as omnipresent and, actually, it sounds a bit more heroic at times. It actually provides a sense of heroism and levity that are welcome before the darker themes of the show just come crashing back down.

And those darker themes actually lead me to what I believe is the grand theme of this entire album - emotion. Be it love, anger, or hate, whatever, that seems to be the driving force behind so many of these tracks. The love theme for Aya and Razer is actually quite nice ... but then it all becomes twisted when Aya takes a step to the dark side and her themes become twisted and menacing. And Wiedmann is able to balance all of this without skipping a beat. His heavy investment in this series and the characters comes shining through, and actually bubbles up nicely in the soundtrack's final entry - "Renewed Hope." A roller coaster, it travels from desperation to optimism, perfectly tracking the last few moments of this stellar animated series. It's a powerful punch and perfect send-off for this soundtrack collection.

To put it simply, Wiedmann has done it again with this second Green Lantern: The Animated Series score collection. Perfectly carrying the show's themes, and ending with an emotional punch, this collection reminds viewers why Wiedmann received a barrage of accolades and nominations for his work on this series. And, thankfully, La-La Land Records has provided fans with a fantastic release. Great care was obviously taken to make sure each track sounds full and robust, with no audio loss or skimp in quality. It's a great release for Green Lantern: The Animated Series fans, one should be part of any fan's collection. Highly Recommended.

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