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Been looking for all of the Gotham Girls Episodes? Season 1, 2, and 3 are still available on, but are "hidden", so to speak. But never fear, presented below are all three seasons, with direct links to each episode.
Also it should be noted that all Season 3 episodes were done differently, so you'll need to use QuickTime to view them.
For best results in viewing, it is recommended you Right Click, Save As. Opening them in the browser can cause viewing problems.

Season 1
s01e01-The Vault
s01e02-Lap Bat
s01e03-Trick or Trick Part 1
s01e04-Trick or Trick Part 2
s01e05-A Little Night Magic
s01e06-More Than One Way
s01e07-Precious Birthstones
s01e08-Pave Paradise
s01e09-The Three Babies
s01e10-The Gardner's Apprentice

Season 2
s02e01-Hold That Tiger
s02e02-Miss Un-Congeniality
s02e04-Baby Boom
s02e06-Bat'ing Cleanup
s02e08-Gotham Noir
s02e09-Scout's Dishonor
s02e10-I'm Badgirl

Season 3
s03e01-Ms. -Ing In Action
s03e02-Gotham In Pink
s03e03-Hear Me Roar
s03e04-Gotham In Blue
s03e05-A Cat in the Hand
s03e06-Jailhouse Wreck
s03e07-Honor Among Thieves
s03e08-No, I'm Batgirl
s03e09-Signal Fires
s03e10-Cold Hands, Cold Heart

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