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Continue below to check out all three seasons of the Gotham Girls online animated short-form series (or web-series). The episodes are viewable in the players below. Additionally, direct links to the show's original SWF Flash format are also available below and can be viewed by right-clicking each link and selecting "Save As" and following subsequent intruction prompts. Please note that, given the age and out-dated format of Gotham Girls' original presentation, some episodes may not play properly or at all.

Season 1

s01e01-The Vault
s01e02-Lap Bat
s01e03a-Trick or Trick Part 1
s01e03b-Trick or Trick Part 2
s01e04-A Little Night Magic
s01e05-More Than One Way
s01e06-Precious Birthstones
s01e07-Pave Paradise
s01e08-The Three Babies
s01e09-The Gardner's Apprentice

Season 2

s02e01-Hold That Tiger
s02e02-Miss Un-Congeniality
s02e04-Baby Boom
s02e05-Cat and Mouse
s02e06-Bat'ing Cleanup
s02e08-Gotham Noir
s02e09-Scout's Dishonor
s02e10-I'm Badgirl

Season 3

s03e01-Ms. -Ing In Action
s03e02-Gotham In Pink
s03e03-Hear Me Roar
s03e04-Gotham In Blue
s03e05-A Cat in the Hand
s03e06-Jailhouse Wreck
s03e07-Honor Among Thieves
s03e08-No, I'm Batgirl
s03e09-Signal Fires
s03e10-Cold Hands, Cold Heart

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