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Bios - Aquaman and Mera

Voiced By:
Scott Rummell as Aquaman
Kristin Bauer as Mera
First Appearance: "The Enemy Below"
Position: Rulers of Atlantis, Married, One Child

Bio: Not really a member of the Justice League although he's helped twice, Aquaman is not necessarily a team player, even if he rules Atlantis. His interest is only in his kingdom and the sea's well-being, concerns of the surface don't seem to bother him so much. While he appears to be a cold ruler, Aquaman is good to his people and he even has a newborn son he is willing to suffer for and he has. The hook for a hand was the result of cutting off his hand to rescue his son. Aquaman will do anything for his family and his kingdom, no matter the injury to himself. He may seem cold to others, but it's to protect what's dear to him, and his wife, Mera, though kind in comparison to her husband, will always agree with Atlantis's ruler.

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