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Bios - Darkseid

Voiced By: Michael Ironside
First Appearance: "Twilight"
Position: Ruler of Apokolips

Bio: Darkseid was, and still is, the ultimate enemy of Superman. Darkseid humiliated him, killed his friends, and turned him against his own for a short time, costing Superman more than just lives, but friends and the trust of the country as well. He had caused Superman to go rogue...

...then he came and asked him for help.

Brainiac was attacking Apokolips and none of their forces could keep him at bay. Darkseid requested Superman's help, but Superman refused. When Darkseid told him that thousands would die and the planet destroyed, Superman's only reply was a cold "Good." The Justice League convinced him to aid Darkseid, but the whole while he never trusted Darkseid--so when it was revealed later on that Darkseid was actually working with Brainiac, Superman wasn't surprised. The two caught Superman and attempted to kill him, but when the League, sans Flash and Green Lantern, came to the rescue, Superman escaped and had a show down with Darkseid. Had it not been for Batman's interference, Superman would have finished Darkseid off, but by using a boom tube, Batman pulled Superman back to the rest of the crew and Brainiac's station, with Darkseid on it, blew up.

It is unknown if Darkseid survived the blast, but being the god he is, it's not unlikely that he survived.

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