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Bios - Lobo

Voiced By: Brad Garrett
First Appearance: "Hereafter"
Position: Intergalactic Bounty Hunter

Bio: Rude, crude, lude, vulgar, coarse, harsh, curt, direct, gruff--these all are apt ways to describe who and what Lobo is. Of course, behind that puckish exterior, you gotta wonder if he really ever does care about anyone but himself...

When Superman was "killed" by Toyman, Lobo got word and headed for the Watchtower and made a crash landing--literally. He came through the window almost sucking the rest of the League out with him. Once he successfully dishonored Superman's memories and told him that he was Superman's replacement, fighting ensued--but when the villains on Earth got restless, they had to let Lobo aid them while they went down (after all, you wouldn't want to leave Lobo alone in a multi-billion dollar orbiting satellite would you?).

Superman later returned from the future, with help from Vandal Savage, and put Lobo in his place. Yelling a few obscenities, he hopped onto his hog and sped off. But, when he gets bored--you know he'll be back to stir up some trouble.

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