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Bios - Lex Luthor

Voiced By: Clancy Brown
First Appearance: "Injustice For All"
Position: Former CEO of LexCorp; Looking into politics.

Bio: Years of carrying around kryptonite in his pocket gave Luthor something unexpected--a form of Kryptonite poisoning, something only those who're exposed it for extended periods of time get. Luthor was forced to go to prison after his attempted murder of Superman--something that was only foiled by an implication of his poisoning--a severe chest pain knocked him an unconscious state and crashed the plane. There, he teamed up with Ultra Humanite. The two escaped from prison but ultimately got thrown back in again, when their attempts to form an Injustice Gang were foiled.

Lex returned again to take sides with a super-soldier type of a being, called Amazo. After tricking Amazo into doing his dirty work and destroying the Justice League, Amazo copied all of the Justice League's powers, and when he fell onto J'onn J'onzz mind-reading capability, he was able to find out what Luthor's true intentions were. Amazo spared Luthor's life and flew off into space, and has yet to be seen again...

Luthor later got a pardon later on for helping the Justice League "power-down" their alternate selves, the Justice Lords, and said in a press conference that he's done with his ways of wrong-doing and was no longer excited by the day-to-day riggers of the business world, but was looking into a more challenging field, politics.

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