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Bios - Black Mercy

First Appearance: "For the Man Who Has Everything"
Position: Attached to Mongul
Bio: The Black Mercy is able to give whoever it's attached to whatever they desire--in the form of a dream. When Mongul arrived at the Fortress of Solitude on Superman's birthday, the Black Mercy did just this to Superman--putting him back on a very-much alive Krypton, with a wife and son. The dream state is only ended when the creature is broken free from its host.

Superman's dream ended when the creature was torn off of him by Batman--not liking this, the Black Mercy attached itself to Batman, causing him to relive the night of his parents' death. Despite his father beating up the thug, he was shown the same gruesome scene he had seen as a child when the creature was pulled off of him by Wonder Woman.

The Black Mercy eventually ended up on Mongul, where it still has him in a dream-induced state.

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