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Bios - Doomsday

Voiced By: Michael Jai White
First Appearance: "The Doomsday Sanction"
Position: Inside the Phantom Zone
Bio: Cloned from a portion of Superman's genetic material, Doomsday's DNA was altered to make him Superman's superior. He was then trained to hate him; images of Superman and his logo were drilled into Doomsday's brain; he was tied down, shot and repeatedly injured by images of Superman. The real mind behind Doomsday was Amanda Waller and Professor Hamilton. When he became uncontrollable, they tried to dispose of Doomsday by shooting him into space, but he was too strong. His struggles inside the rocket altered it's course and brought it back to earth, where he fought the Justice Lord's Superman. This alternate-universe version of Superman was harsher than the one he had been trained to destroy; lobotomizing Doomsday, the Lord's Superman allowed him to be taken away, where he was eventually returned to Cadmus.

Dr. Milo freed Doomsday when he agreed to help him; Doomsday "helped" Milo by killing him and then breaking his way out of Cadmus. He immediately went en route of Superman on a far-a-way island, attempting to re-route lava inside a volcano to reduce the explosion. Breaking straight into the volcano, Doomsday engaged Superman head-on. The fight went on forever, finally ending when Superman was able to beat Doomsday down and toss him into the top of the volcano, triggering the eruption.

Doomsday was later "rescued;" he was now caught inside hardened lava and then transported back to the Watchtower. When he wouldn't reason with the League and talk about his time at Cadmus, Superman sucked Doomsday into the Phantom Zone, via his projector. 

For more information on Doomsday, check out his Justice League Bio.

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