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Bios - Galatea

Voiced By: Nicholle Tom
First Appearance: "Fearful Symmetry"
Position: Clone of Supergirl; Dead
Bio: When Superman went rogue, the US defenses were crippled and unable to stop him. During the attacks, Supergirl was taken down and put into Star Labs, where she was supposedly cared for. Unknown to Supergirl, some of her DNA was taken for an experiment the government was working on. The result of the experiments is Galatea, a perfect clone of Supergirl, only with accelerated growth and strength.

The mysterious contributor of the Galatea project pulled the plug on her last "training" mission in which she attempted to take down the real Supergirl, Green Arrow and The Question. When she was obviously failing the test, the mission was disabled and the building blown up.

Galatea was rushed back to S.T.A.R. Labs where Professor Hamilton is aiding her recovery.

After recovering and aging a bit, Galatea was unleashed with an army of Ultimen at her command. Though she nearly destroyed the Watchtower, the Justice League prevailed and Supergirl killed Galatea with a strong electrical blast that fried most of her body.

Note: Galatea is also known as "Tea" and "Power Girl".

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