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Bios - Huntress

Voiced By: Amy Acker
First Appearance: "Initiation"; "Double Date" (Speaking)
Position: Former Justice League Member; Girlfriend of The Question
Bio: Helena Bertinelli, daughter of mob boss Franco Bertinelli, saw her parents murdered in front of her eyes. Mandagora, an associate of Helena’s father, turned on him and came into their house, while Helena watched through the slits in the closet door.

Helena, now known as the “Huntress”, joined the Justice League in her adult years. Wielding a deadly crossbow, Huntress sought out Mandagora to serve him a death sentence. Huntress was caught by J’onn J’onzz, who had moved Mandagora into protection after Huntress attempted to take his life in previous encounters. Huntress was fired from the Justice League.

Huntress got the help of Question in order to help her locate Mandagora. Saying that she had information on Cadmus, Question played along, despite knowing she “knew jack about Cadmus.” Her confrontation with Mandagora ended in a stalemate when Huntress found out that Mandagora had gone to the docks to meet his son, who had been kidnapped. Not willing to kill Mandagora in front of his son and take away a little boys father, Huntress ultimately let Mandagora go, but not before dropping a load of steel girders on top of him.

When Huntress asked Question why he helped her, despite knowing she knew nothing about Cadmus, Question replied “I…like you.” The two have been seen dating.

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