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Bios - Justice League

First Appearance: "Initiation"
Position: Protectors of the Universe
Bio: After Hawkgirl's betrayal of the original team of seven, the Justice League formed a newer and stronger group of heroes--including not only their friends, but heroes from around the world and universe.

Though almost disbanded after the Cadmus incident, protests from other Justice League members and the public kept the Justice League together. The Watchtower was dismantled and a new headquarters was built on Earth.

When Darkseid invaded Earth, the Justice League teamed up with what was left of Lex Luthor's Legion. Together they were able to repel Darkseid's forces and eventually made them retreat.

The Justice League continues their fight against the scum and villainy of the world to this day.

For more on the Justice League, refer to the Justice League Bio.

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